I Choose To Love

Have you ever been overwhelmed with love?

Maybe your wedding day? The birth of a child? Or when you said, “I love you” for the first time to your spouse.

No matter your answer, all of us at some point, have been flooded with love and it does something to us. We melt under its power and our hearts are open wide as we overcome fear, the unknown and the what-ifs. It’s like, we dive in and we’re ready for the risk of love.

If you think about it, this is how families begin as two people, fall in love and are willing to do life with each other forever. Then, from that shared love, it’s possible that kids come and another layer of love is revealed. Yes, love is powerful as its ability is far-reaching and life-changing.

But why?

I fully believe it’s because, GOD is love. It’s from and through Him. He made us to love and to receive love. The inherent desire for it and the massive response to it, reflect how powerful this is within us.

However, have you noticed how much opposition comes to this area of our lives?

Marriage, trust, intimacy, selflessness, forgiveness, friendship, giving, receiving, growing and more are all some of the challenges that come with love. In fact, we’re tempted to shut down, be cynical and resist love because of our hurt and pain.

But this temptation reaches beyond our horizontal relationships, it also impacts our connection to God.

If we’re not aware, we can not shut down our hearts to others, we can also shut our hearts down to God and from that point, we’re in trouble.

This is why, I choose to love!

I choose to Love God and Love People, no matter what. I choose to let Him in my heart daily because He’s perfect and the Love of God never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:7-8 says this –

“7. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 8. Love never fails.”

1 Corinthians 13:7-8

Notice what God does through His love. He never gives up, loses faith, always hopeful, endures through everything and it never fails.

Not bad if you ask me.

Who couldn’t use this right now in their life? The truth is, we ALL need more of His love in our hearts, minds and emotions. We need more of who God is and it’s revealed through love.

This is why we must decide and say, I choose to love!

We choose this not based on how we feel or what others are doing or not doing. We base this on who GOD is, period!

So often we’re distracted from the main thing of Love God, Love People by the circumstances we see around us and by what happens to us. However, when we allow this, our emotions and choices can be fickle as it changes day to day and moment to moment.

This is where we can be confused, hold grudges, not forgive, want revenge and miss the heart of God, ourselves and others.

But, when I choose to love based on who GOD is, I have clarity, I let go of grudges, I forgive others and myself and I’m receiving the love of God for me and for those around me. It’s in this place that I can be healthy and strong through the love of God.

So right now, through ALL the division and strife, will we choose to love?

Will we rise above the mess and see through the heart of God for ourselves and for others? Will we make points or reach hearts?

It’s our choice and our time is now. God is love; therefore, I choose to Love!

I encourage you today, please open your heart to God. Let Him in and do what you need. Then, open your heart to others, especially those different than you. Let God shine through you and let God use you.

In the words of an old song, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”

Receive it, show it, give it and live it! You can make a difference!

The best is yet to come,


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