I Will Not Be Isolated

Have you ever needed to get away and have some alone time?

I’m sure the answer is yes because we all need this in our lives. With the pace we’re on and with all the tension and division, getting away is a necessity.

However, there’s a common trend that’s dangerous as it leads from getting away to living away through being isolated. This is a subtle trick that can seem good but only leads to more mess.

In fact, isolation hurts our health, our mind and our spirit. In a recent study, they found that those who were alone as they got older, had more health problems and their bodies wore down quicker, verses those who had community. Those that had people in their lives, were healthier, had purpose and had staining strength physically.

It’s interesting that isolation eventually, will show its effect in our bodies. This is because we were NOT made to be alone.

But right now, it’s easy to pull the plug and isolate to our own thing. By stats, people are disconnecting from church more than ever, and people are divided more than ever based on politics, race, COVID-19 and more. These emotional topics are driving too many to social media as their platform verses letting these topics lead them to each other.

This is because, when it’s hard, we want to isolate. We want to unplug and say, “forget it” but this is wrong and self-centered. That’s right, it’s self-centered and when we cave into this, we get stuck and can’t grow.

In truth, God has called us to community. He has called us to do life with others and that includes those that vote different, think different, look different and have a different experience than us.

God has called us to unity, not uniformity, so we must say, “I will not be isolated!”

Notice what God says about this.

“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!”

Psalms 133:1

“For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for Him and how you have shown your love to Him, by caring for other believers, as you still do.”

Hebrews 6:10

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

John 13:34-35

Notice, these verses are only fulfilled through community, conversely Isolation causes us to not obey them and to be out of the flow of God.

This is the trick of the enemy. This is the plot against us and right now, it’s easy to isolate. It’s easy to be on an island with those just like you. To be on an island with those that make you comfortable and that agree with everything you say or do, but what does that do?

In the end, we’ll be more self-centered verses being more centered on Him.

We must remember, that when we are self-centered we invariably will be disconnected from the flow of God. More of ourselves leads to only more trouble, but less of ourselves leads to more of Him. This is why we must overcome the hurdles that are presented right now and do it God’s way. When we have more of Him, we are empowered to do what’s right and to be what He made us to be. Isolation is an age old trick that robs us of purpose, relationships and potential. It seems good, looks good and feels good, but in the end, it will bring NOTHING GOOD in our lives.

Therefore, it’s our moment to bond together through Jesus! It’s our moment to individually, press through and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s our moment, to be kingdom minded people verses ONLY politically minded people. It’s our moment to forgive and overcome being offended. It’s our moment to be a bridge builder and bring people together through Jesus. It’s our moment to love past our differences. It’s our moment to hear hearts and to make a difference.

It’s our moment to say, “I will not be isolated.”

Are you isolated today? Are you pulling back from community?

Please stay plugged in. Stay in the moment with others and grow through the differences. Grow through unity and be what God has called you to be!

I believe this, we’re better together!

Love and believe in you,


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