I Will Not Be Divided

Division is one of the oldest tactics the enemy uses against us. Furthermore, he hates unity and tries everything in his power to cause discord and disarray.

This is because Jesus said,

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand”

Mark 3:25

So plot against individuals, families, churches, communities and nations, is division. To do this he uses gossip, hate, anger, strife, pride, arguments, arrogance, stubbornness and even religion. His agenda is obvious every time; however, too many of us fall prey to be being divided.

It’s important to know, when we’re divided, we’ll eventually will be divided from God. This is true because division comes from the enemy and it’s end result is being separated from God and His purpose.

Now, why is this true? After all, is being divided that bad? Or, isn’t it necessary at times?

It’s true that being separated for the purpose of God will be needed at some point in our faith. Walking with God will cause this to happen as our lifestyle, convictions and behaviors will not match those around us. So yes, being separated will happen.

However, there’s a difference between being separated and being divided. Being separated comes from a devotion and connection to God, which causes selflessness. Being divided comes from a devotion and connection to self, which causes selfishness.

Notice the stark differences. One is less of self and the other is more of self.

Right now we’re seeing the mastermind of division take root in our country. It’s’ polarizing as taking sides is forced upon us and if you differ, you’re labeled with whatever label is associated with that issue. All of this is creeping into the church and it’s wrong.

We’re being divided because of who we vote for, how we see COVID-19 and the wound of racism. The inability to have healthy conversations is damaging and the resistance to agree to disagree is only putting gas on the fire with being divided.

But here’s the thing, all of this will only lead to being shut down in our hearts which then leads to being divided from God.

This is why our enemy is cunning because he is plotting five steps down the road, planning a trap that ensnares us into a swamp.

We must remember, Jesus is the main thing and His kingdom will be standing long after all of this crumbles. Therefore, we must not let the enemy divide us from each other, His church or from Him. We must set our affections on Him and draw closer to Him more than ever before.

When I do this, I see other people through His eyes and I see important issues through His love. This compels me to connect with those that are both like me and different from me as a part of the solution through unity.

I believe this is why Jesus said,

“love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength”

Matthew 22:37

Notice, our FULL affection is to be on Him, thus everything else in our lives, flows from Him. When Jesus is first in our lives, everything else will be in order for our lives.

This doesn’t mean life will be perfect or that we won’t have hardships. It means, I have the answer to get through all of these things because I have Jesus. So right now, in all of what we’re seeing, we need unity. We need Jesus and we need to say, “I will not be divided.”

I will not be divided from God, His people, His purpose, His kingdom, His power, His love and His heart. I choose to stay single minded toward Him, so that everything in my life goes through Him.

I encourage you today, please do not be divided. Do not cave-in to this plot against us. There’s a better way for us and it’s Jesus. We must embrace our differences and our unique experiences as we come together and serve our God.

Division is the plot of the enemy and it has ruined too many people, too many families and too many churches.

So now is the time and today is the day to say, “I will not be divided.”

Please consider, is there anyone in your life you need to make amends with? Is there anyone who thinks different than you that you could connect with? Be intentional with unity. Be deliberate to have an open heart and dismantle the temptation to be divided.

I love you and I believe you can make a difference, one step at a time.


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