Dogmatic About Jesus

Being dogmatic isn’t a bad thing, especially when it’s about Jesus. He’s the best person or subject to be dogmatic about.

This is important because right now, we’re seeing so many be dogmatic and the tensions are rising. Many of these things are good and needed like racial unity, justice and healing. Other hot topics are big too, especially politics. This in itself is not bad because in our country, we have the chance to be a part of the process and vote for our elected officials.

The challenge is, we can get pulled into the machine of politics that seeks division, fuels debates and makes people choose sides. This process takes our individual convictions and turns them into us verses them and where division is present, confusion follows.

Right now, the ability to agree to disagree is quickly evaporating while agendas use what we’re dogmatic about, to fuel their plan.

But while being dogmatic is a part of who we are, we must keep this on Jesus!

Otherwise, we splinter apart from those different than us and we become more and more strident in our positions, which only push people away. But this is not what we’re made for and this is not why God put us here for this moment.

We’re called to burn for God!

Psalms 104:4 says it like this,

“The winds are your messengers; flames of fire are your servants.”

Psalms 104:4

Notice, God’s people are flames of fire! Meaning, we’re burning with passion for Him. We’re dogmatic for Him and about Him. The zeal for both Him and His cause, burn within us a flame that translates with love toward others.

In fact, being dogmatic means –

“Offensively positive in laying down principles and expressing opinions.”

Notice, it’s offensively positive, which speaks to me an attitude of being a bridge-builder and connecting with others through being dogmatic for Jesus!

This means, we’re not fighting, arguing, dividing, making political points and unplugging from church. No, instead we love, reach out, accept, give back and look for ways to share Jesus through grace and mercy because we’re burning for Him.

Therefore, because the love of Jesus gives us clear convictions, we also lead choose to be offensively positive with those around us.

What are you dogmatic about today?

No matter the answer, Jesus must be number one! From this, everything else flows and it changes us internally and then it will change how we live toward those around us.

Today, we’re all facing a lot as we see the everything around us and even within us; however, burn hot for Jesus!

Be dogmatic about all that is offensively positive and give it away.

This would be,

  • His love
  • His grace
  • His healing
  • His goodness
  • His kindness
  • His compassion
  • His care
  • His unity
  • His mercy
  • His forgiveness
  • His acceptance
  • His miracles
  • His power
  • His kingdom
  • His nature
  • His listening ear
  • His caring heart
  • His open hands
  • His consistent voice
  • His passion
  • His resurrection
  • His plan
  • His word
  • His promises
  • His Name
  • Jesus!

It’s because of all this and more, that I’m Dogmatic about Jesus!

So I ask you to join me and let’s show something different, let’s show something more and let’s show a better way, Jesus!

May Jesus answer your prayers, show you His goodness and do miracles in your life.

Love you all and the best is yet to come,


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