Do you know the Acronym for the word Kiss? We’ll modify it for this blog so here it goes, Keep It Simple Saints.

This is what Jesus did as His mission and purpose were always clear, to seek and save those who were lost (see Luke 19:10).

He never deviated from it and He never let pressure or a fad sway Him away from people. His heartbeat and passion was and still is people. Everything about Him was for the salvation of lost folks who looked like Him and for those who didn’t. He was so filled with this passion, that He died in our place, even when parts of Him didn’t want to. In this moment, He was so filled with fear that His sweat turned to blood and yet He moved forward and did it (see Luke 22:44).

It was this type of simplicity that brought a focus that would not be denied.

Jesus kept it simple!

So here we are today, in the middle of an unexpected year. Facing both new and old battles that need the touch of God for both healing and new beginnings.

Only God can make all of this right; therefore, we must remember that He chooses to use me and you to show His love.

So we must remember, K.I.S.S!! Keep it simple saints.

This Gospel is not confusing, it’s not hard and it’s not complicated. It’s straight forward and the purpose for each of us is the same.

“Then Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

Mark 1:17

Notice, Jesus will make us become, fishers of men. Meaning, our role is to reach out for people and to then to lead people to Christ. Period!

Everything else we practice and learn about, is to empower us to be fishers of men. Worship, bible studies, giving finances, having community, going to church, both personal and group prayer, and the move of Holy Spirit are to equip everyone for the work of the ministry (See Ephesians 4:12). Reaching lost people!

This is for every Christ follower!

This is why we must K.I.S.S and nothing else. The heartbeat of God is people, everything He does is for people and everything He says, is for people. He came and conquered death, so we could live forever with Him. He came and broke through racial barriers, so we could do the same. He revealed the love of God by reaching messed up people, so we could be healed and do the same thing.

This is Jesus! The wonder of the world and the miracle for humanity!

This is the Church! The redeemed, who reveal Jesus and how we show Him is what people see of Him. Therefore; we refuse to give a republican or democrat Jesus. We refuse to give a doctrinal divisive Jesus, that majors on the minors. We refuse to give a Jesus that argues with people instead of listening and leading people. We refuse to give a defensive Jesus. We refuse to give an insecure Jesus and we refuse to give a jealous Jesus.

We chose to K.I.S.S!

We chose to keep it simple and reach for anyone who is in our lives. No buts and no strings attached. The very love of God we have received, we must give away! This is our moment because the world is asking, is there hope?

So now is the time, today is the day and the moment is here to keep it simple! To lay down our arguments and release His anointing. To lay down our differences and give the deliverer. To lay down our preference, and to share His presence. To lay down being right, and help others get right with God!

K.I.S.S is what we must remember in these Turbulent times. Because when we keep it simple saints, we’ll be filled with passion and clarity. We won’t be confused about what we’re doing and we won’t get distracted by the fads that are ever changing.

Therefore, who can you pray for today? Who can you lead to Jesus today? Who can you reach for today? No matter what, remember K.I.S.S and go for God by reaching for people!

You can do this and God is with you!


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