Compassion, Pass It On!

What we’re seeing right now, is concerning. Unemployment is way too high, COVID-19 is an unknown and the tension with racial justice and equality is still a BIG issue. The world has been hit with an invisible force with this pandemic and here in our country, we’re struggling.

But what’s more troubling to me, is the divide and bantering within Christ followers regarding these issues. Not to mention, politics and the upcoming election.

It seems we’re easily divided on these issues instead of bonding through our faith in Jesus. The battle lines of news affiliates, political candidates and the big issues that come with it, are topics for arguing points and furthermore, stepping away from those who think different. This is a problem because all of this is temporary and flawed at best.

Therefore, when we let this be the pulse of our attention, we’re distracted from Jesus and His heart for ALL people. When this happens, the love of God is not modeled and the heart of God is not seen.

But to counter this from happening, Jesus summed up our faith with two commandments. Love God and Love people (see Matthew 22:37-39).

That’s it!

Love God and Love people. When we do these two things, all of the other commandments are fulfilled. That’s huge when you consider, before Jesus, His people had to obey over 600 commandments. Now, when we love God and love people, all of it is fulfilled.

So this is why, right now more than ever, we must have Compassion and pass it on.

Compassion is defined as – sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Isn’t this what Jesus does for us?

Of course. While He was on the earth, He was constantly “moved with Compassion” toward those who were sick or suffering. It was because of His Compassion, that He was stirred to do miracles for those in need.

Think about that for a minute.

He never showed off His power, nor did He just wing it because He was the Son of God. He was moved by the concern for the sufferings people were facing.

He was totally a servant to others, and giving to them what they needed. But guess what? Right now in 2020, He’s asking you and me to do the same. He’s asking us, to have Compassion and pass it on.

This means, we choose to see through the eyes of Jesus those around us, and we’re moved by Compassion for them. Period!

Doesn’t matter what they believe. It doesn’t matter how they vote. It doesn’t matter how they see or don’t see the racial tension. It doesn’t matter, because none of this mattered to Jesus when He saw us.

But as I write this, we splinter away from each other for these things and more. We argue and get defensive, shutting down our hearts and missing the point all at the same time.

What if Jesus did this to us?

Would any of us be saved? Would any of us be changed by His grace and power? No! Because we’re all messed up and it’s through the Compassion of God, that He was concerned for the sufferings we were facing then and now.

Therefore, we must have Compassion and pass it on because when we do, we can make a difference.

“And on some have compassion, making a distinction or a difference.”

Jude 1:22

What if we have Compassion for people with no strings attached? Just raw Compassion, by having concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

When we do this, we’ll lay down our arguments. We’ll lay down our bantering. We’ll lay down our political divide and we’ll lay down our doctrinal opinions.

This is what we need! This is what the world needs. This is what we’re called to do!

I encourage you to have Compassion on others.

Making points is easy but touching hearts is Godly! Building bridges is Godly! Loving others is Godly! Making a difference is Godly! Keeping the Kingdom first is Godly! Bonding around Jesus is Godly! Being in unity is Godly!

Being concerned with the sufferings and misfortunes of others, is Compassion and that’s what we must pass on!

Who can you show Compassion to today? Who can you pray for today? Who can you love today?

Whoever that is, please step out and show Compassion. Let Jesus increase through you, so others can see and feel the love of God.

This is our calling! This is our purpose! This is why we must, have Compassion and pass it on!!

God wants to use you and the best is yet to come!

Love and believe in you,


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