Trouble and Worship

After nine weeks of shut down, things are reopening. It’s a relief and weird at the same time, as we think about what’s next and how things will be moving forward.

However, there’s no doubt the world has felt this trouble and it’s done damage to every part of the globe.

For us in America, over 30 million people are unemployed, and things have been halted with businesses, life’s routine and more. Today as I write, many are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, depression, loss, family trouble and financial stress. The reality of all of this can be daunting and yet, we’re moving forward into a New Normal.

So what do we do now?

I believe something great happens when we worship God!

I don’t know why or fully understand it, but it’s true and real. The Bible is full of stories that stir our faith as we read about when people faced Trouble and chose to Worship.

Over and over again, people didn’t wait for everything to be right around them to worship. They worshiped, which put them in the right place with God, in spite of the trouble they faced.

This is BIG for us today! When we’re in trouble or facing tuff times, it’s easy to shut down, question God, be distracted and drift away from Him. However, when we worship, something begins to happen on the inside that changes our perspective and the things around us.

There’s a principle in the Bible that’s clear, who or what we worship, is what we become like.

What’s interesting is that everyone worships. It’s just a matter of who or what they worship. This could be money, image, sex, power, food, drugs, careers, themselves and more.

However, the Bible is clear that only God deserves our worship and He alone deserves our praise.

Here are a couple of verses that articulate this truth.

“For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

John 4:24

“Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker,”

Psalms 95:6

Notice, we can worship the LORD with our physical posture by bowing down and kneeling. This is a place of humility and honor to our God and King. We don’t have to do this to worship, but it reflects our heart position and that we honor Him above all.

It also shows us that God is spirit. Meaning, He’s in a higher realm and place than us. His thoughts, His ways, His power, His love is beyond our intellect and humanity. He’s God and we are NOT. Therefore, when we worship, we’re elevated to go in the spirit where He is so that our thoughts and our ways are touched by this love and power. This is HUGE for us because our ways and thoughts are not godly especially when we’re facing trouble.

Have you ever acted out because you were mad? Have you ever said something you shouldn’t of because you were mad?

We all have! We’re human.

But thank God He’s greater and when we worship, He changes us into who He wants us to be!!

So what happens when we worship God?

Things may not change in a moment and we may not feel any different; however, God is working on our heart and He’s making things new and making us more like Him.

For example, when we worship God –

  1. We make God first
  2. We’re peaceful.
  3. We’re focused.
  4. We see others and serve them.
  5. We are generous.
  6. We defer to God’s way.
  7. We do what’s right.
  8. We grow in self-control.
  9. We receive healing.
  10. We are changed internally.
  11. We have purpose.
  12. We give grace to ourselves and others.

Which of these could you use in your life?

God inhabits our worship, so when we’re facing trouble, He’ll show up and walk with us. He’s a present help in the time of trouble and worship connects us to Him!

So I encourage you, worship God every day. Take time to thank Him and honor Him even though we’re facing trouble and uncertainty. Give Him the praises of your heart and then let who He is, grow in you!

We must remember this, we worship God for who He is! Therefore, whether everything is good or bad our posture is worship.

So right now, In this Trouble, Worship Him!

He’s with you, He’s for you and the best is yet to come!

May Jesus answer your prayers, show you His goodness and do miracles in your life.


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