The Christ in our Crisis

It’s been almost two months of living through the shut down of our country. The whole world has been impacted and so much has happened.

We’re learning, adjusting and figuring out how to do life differently, and it’s hard at times.

Quarantine life is not an easy one as it magnifies the need of community and how we thrive in it. Netflix, Hulu, board games and cards can be fun but man, it’s good to go somewhere and be around others. How about you?

Right now one of the things I miss the most, is the date I have with my wife every Friday. We go to eat somewhere, just us and we simply talk. That’s a moment I can’t wait to have again.

What do you miss the most?

Something we can take comfort in is found in Psalms 37:23. It’s says –

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

Psalms 37:23

Notice, God delights in every detail of our lives, so whatever you miss the most, whatever you’re going through, He knows it and He’s with you to bring you through!

That’s because He is, The Christ in our Crisis.

Jesus has always showed up in the middle of crisis! It didn’t matter if it was Lazarus who He raised from the dead, or walking on water and commanding the storm to stop, or feeding thousands of people with five loaves and two fish, He also showed up in someone’s crisis.

In fact, there are no miracles without a crisis!

The truth is, in this life we will have trouble (see John 16:33) but, we don’t have to be dominated by fear because The Christ always shows up in a crisis. Right now the world is in a pandemic. This reaches everyone and yet Jesus can reach everyone too.

I think it’s so important we never forget that He can do anything! I know that sounds too simple but if we’re not focused, our expectations can fade and the light of hope can dim because of the crisis we face. I believe our faith must be intentional. It must be deliberate and direct! It must be set on Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

So, what does this mean for our lives?

The Christ in our Crisis is both practical and supernatural. He reaches to every part of who we are, meeting every need; therefore, here are a few things we can take heart in.

First, Jesus knows everything. This doesn’t mean He causes crisis but it does mean He knows every detail about them. Whether it’s sickness, COVID-19, financial lack, family turmoil, anxiety, depression and more, He knows it. In fact He’s a genius, so He knows every part of it and He knows every part of us!

This combination allows Him to reach us like no one else can. His healing is complete in the totality of what we need. With all of our complexities, He can do anything and make us whole and new. Because of this we can rest in His love. We can rest in His peace and we can rest in His power. Jesus knows everything about you and about this crisis and any other crisis we may face; furthermore, He has the ability do something about it and He will!

Second, Jesus understands. This is profound! Jesus was tempted like we are (see Hebrews 4:14-16) and yet He didn’t sin. This is why He is compassionate! He understands!!

This means, we don’t have to be embarrassed of our struggle, how we feel, what we’re tempted with, where we are in life, how we’re doing with COVID-19 and more. Whatever we are facing, He faced too. Whatever we are feeling, He felt it too. Whatever we are fighting, He fought it and won; therefore, His mercy and grace abound to us daily! So please, come boldly to God. Run to this throne. He won’t reject you, He will heal you. He won’t ignore you, He will help you because He is The Christ in our Crisis!

Third, He’s not mad. Jesus is not mad at you, He is mad about you! This statement is profound and we all can benefit by letting it sink in.

Jesus appeased the anger of God by taking our sin on Himself (see 1 John 2:2). Sin separated humanity from God and there was way to bridge that divide. Everyone in the Old Testament simply, had their sin covered through the system out in place through Moses to help the people. But now, our sin is covered and REMOVED because of Jesus! He finished it and bridged the divide so now, anyone can come to Jesus. Anyone can be saved. Anyone can be changed. Anyone can be accepted because of Jesus.

This fundamental fact will change how we see God, ourselves and others. Right now God is reaching with open arms for the nations of the world. He’s reaching for the broken, the weary, the sick, The Democrat, the Republican, the rich, the poor, the unclean and He’s reaching for you and for me.

We don’t serve an angry God. We serve a loving God who is great enough to forgive us, heal us and to be The Christ in our Crisis.

What can Jesus do for you today?

So I encourage you to strengthen your faith by reading the Bible every day. Pray and seek God every day. Connect in community for support and believe that He is The Christ in our Crisis!

God is with you and the best is yet to come,


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