Prosperity on the Inside

What does it mean to be wealthy?

Some say having a lot of money, doing whatever you want to do, buying whatever you want and having all your dreams come true.?Right now as millions are unemployed, the pressure of finance is mounting and the idea of wealth or the lack of it is bigger than ever.

But no matter our status or position, these answers are intriguing because most of the time, we see wealth in objects, status or the resources to do whatever. Our basis of wealth can be one-sided most of the time and the idea of the American Dream (while not bad in itself) is focused on getting what you want and getting more. But confronting this idea with statements like be wealthy in relationships or be wealthy in faith, seem to be laughed off as nonsense to the majority because they don’t see the wealth in it. Because of this, wealth seems to mostly be on two opposite sides with no middle ground at all and that is a problem.

It’s a problem because with these opposite sides there’s no mediation of any kind so, this topic falls into categories of extreme differences while missing the big truth in the middle.

To be clear, money is not bad. Please reference 1 Timothy 6:17-19. It’s not wrong to have money and it’s not wrong to earn a lot of money either. In fact, we are to honor Jesus with our money by giving tithes and offerings. Please reference Malachi 3:10-13, Matthew 23:23. Whether we have a lot of money or not, our giving to the Lord is spiritual and it’s an important part of our faith.

So it’s my encouragement we all give financially to the Lord. It’s biblical and it’s good on so many levels.

So, what is prosperity on the inside?

Prosperity on the inside is dealing with our soul and the healing power of Jesus to make us a new person.

Our soul is our mind, our will and our emotions. It’s this area of ourselves that needs Jesus each and every day. In fact, salvation doesn’t necessarily heal this part of us immediately. Our spirit is what is saved and it’s our spirit that connects to God. This is because God is spirit (John 4:24). So when we walk out our faith, Jesus wants to complete us more and more. This is why true prosperity happens on the inside first and then it will show up on the outside in every area of our lives.

It is possible to have a lot of money and not be wealthy. But it’s also possible to either have a lot of money or not have any money and be wealthy too. This is because, prosperity on the inside dictates everything else in us and around us.

John said it this way in 3 John verse 2,

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.”

3 John verse 2

Notice that our prospering and our health is connected to our soul prospering. Prosperity on the inside is connecting to our soul being made healthy and new through Jesus. Please hear me, this doesn’t happen when we receive Jesus, this happens by letting Jesus mold us into who He wants us to be day by day.

This is why it’s possible for Christians to be mean, to be jealous, to lie, to gossip, cause trouble in church and beyond. To divide people from church and be passive aggressive toward other Christians and non-Christians. To be insecure and petty by holding onto grudges, not loving and choosing to be offended and refusing to change.

All of this and more is a result of an unhealthy soul.

When we don’t prosper on the inside we will not prosper on the outside. Therefore, our relationships suffer, our effectiveness is dwarfed and our lives stunted by our soul being unhealthy. This is because our soul is our mind, will and emotions. This is the core of our daily stuff and it needs Jesus badly!

But there’s good news!

Jesus can do anything and it’s possible that our soul prospers through His grace and mercy! He can make us a new person from the inside out so that we live out our faith in this life to the fullest being made new.

But how?

First, we choose to be humble. Humility makes adjustments. What adjustments can you and I make in our lives? Being humble allows Jesus to point out these needed adjustments and then being willing to do them.

This means, I let go of being right over others and I choose to be right with God instead. This is a big deal and it’s huge for us to be humble.

Second, we are honest. Honesty does not always blame others. It rather admits our part and what we lack. To be honest this is a huge thing in our faith. After all, one of the Ten Commandments is, do not lie and yet to be honest with ourselves is a virtue we need.

When I’m honest with myself, I lay down my blame toward others and I choose to acknowledge my part. Then I choose to make it right.

Lastly, I choose to worship Jesus. Something happens when we worship, especially when we’re struggling or we don’t feel like it. Worship opens our heart to God. It causes us to surrender to Him and what He wants for us. This is why it’s great to raise our hands, sing out loud, clap our hands and be engaged when we worship. More is happening in us than we feel and when we give God our heart in worship, our soul is prospering.

What step can you take today?

If it’s all three or just one of these, please do it. God moves when we move and He’s waiting to help us have prosperity on the inside.

We can’t afford to live with an unhealthy soul for the duration of our lifetime. Jesus came to heal us and make us new. Our full potential is revealed when we embrace Prosperity on the Inside!

Go for this! Embrace healthy living and embrace prosperity from the inside out!

Have a great week and may God sustain you through this time,


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