Reach Up And Touch The Sky

Have you ever wanted to reach up and grab a star?

I know it seems farfetched, but in the imagination of a child or even a dreamer, it’s not. The idea of going beyond what we see, to discover the unknown, is an admirable quality and it can change everything.

In fact, so much of what we enjoy today is from someone who reached beyond and found something new. Even the phones in our hands, that seem to consume our time, are powered by satellites that are floating in space. Someone, somewhere looked up and thought about touching the sky and in a way, they did. So you can see, this isn’t as farfetched as maybe we think as the results of the imagination of a child and a dreamer, impact us every day.


After all, we’re serving the God who made the heavens and the earth and He rules above it. The bible says, the earth is His footstool (see Matthew 5:35) and that He sits above the circle of the earth (see Isaiah 40:22). Which fortifies the idea that He is everywhere and that He cannot be contained. He’s too big to be in a box and He’s too great to be defeated. There’s no boundary He can’t cross and there’s no problem He can’t solve. He’s our God with Him, nothing is impossible.


When we pray, we can do this! There’s something special about prayer that changes us, our surroundings and others. Our faith is not in prayer, but rather in who we are praying to. Therefore, prayer is how we can connect to God and it’s how He moves in our lives. Over and over again we see in the bible praying and when they did, God moved and did something for them.

This is one reason why we’re tempted to not pray or be distracted from it, because when we do, heaven breaks into our world and changes things. The prays of a humble person, of a hungry person and of a desperate person are dangerous to the devil and his agenda. The power of God comes through the prayers of this type of person; moreover, the agenda of heaven is revealed and seen in new ways.

Jesus himself prayed to the Father and received strength at various times. His example is one we must not only look at, but furthermore put into practice daily.

This is how we reach up and touch the sky. This is how we see heaven come to earth and this is how we see God move in our lives.

Paul encouraged the church of Ephesus with this commission.

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

Isaiah 40:31

Notice his wording. Pray at all times. Pray on every occasion and finally, be persistent in your prayers.

These three phrases speak to our posture and continuance in praying. It’s an ongoing part of our lives as it empowers us to reach up and touch the sky.

What I mean by touching the sky is this, through prayer we go farther, reach higher and touch God. In our finite ability and intellect this impossible, but when we pray, something supernatural takes place. This must be received in our hearts because the enemy loves to stop people from praying. He loves to quench their hunger for God and distract them with other things. However, these other things cannot do what God can do. So we must stay vigilant and sober, understanding that we can reach up and touch the sky every time we pray.

Literally, we can touch heaven and see our world changed. We can taste of the powers of the world to come and experience the depth, width and height of the love of God, right now. I believe our limitations come off when we pray. Our inabilities are overridden when we pray and our weaknesses are turned into strength when we pray.

Therefore, when we feel disappointment because something didn’t work out when we prayed, we must lay that down at the feet of Jesus and worship Him.

Too many people are vexed with the disease of disappointment as many times this is from a possible misunderstanding of God’s timing, the enemy attacking and of God’s thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than ours, so He’s always seeing things from a bigger picture but this doesn’t mean He’s not answering our prayers.

In fact, sometimes we should look at the things we lost when we prayed, instead of always counting the things He gave us when we prayed.

For example, I lost fear when I prayed. I lost grudges when I prayed. I lost resentment when I prayed. I lost a poverty mind set when I prayed. I lost a wrong relationship when I prayed. I lost my will when I prayed. This is something to praise God for and yet, this comes down to our perspective.

In truth, He’s done so much for me, I cannot tell it all! This is true for you too!

I encourage you today to reach up and touch the sky. Decide to “pray at all times, pray on every occasion and be persistent in your prayers.

God is moving on every word we speak out in faith and His heavenly army is arranging an amazing answer to our prayers.

Don’t give up. Keep on going and keep on believing because with God, we can reach up and touch the sky when we pray.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,


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