Happy New Year

This holiday is a great opportunity to have a refreshed outlook on what God can do in our lives. I believe that 2020 can be the best year we’ve ever had as we put God first. His plan is good and complete for our everyday lives, so it’s our part to make Him number one.

But this can be easier said than done.

There is no question in my mind, that all of us have faced a variety of challenges in 2019. Whether it’s with family, friends or something else, we’ve all gone through challenges because that’s life. However, this new year gives us a chance to shake off where we’ve come from and to walk into new blessings. The best is yet to come because the goodness of God endures forever. His intent is a life completed with His promise so that He gets the glory. This is very important for us to believe because when we understand this, our faith is set on victory and not mediocrity. We’ll set our expectation of what He can do through us, verses only seeing what we can do in ourselves. When this happens, anything takes place because Jesus does the impossible through people who believe.

So what do you believe about 2020?

I hope you believe that the best is yet to come because it is!

That’s right. In Jesus, we have the promise of a life that gets brighter and brighter as we age (see Proverbs 4:18). This isn’t wishful thinking or the luck of the draw. No, this is the hand of God on a life that is given to Him in faith and when He has us, He has what He’s always wanted.

Therefore, whatever God has in place for you, this promise of vital for on a day to day basis.

“They that wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

Notice what happens when we wait on the Lord, great things happen. We’ll soar in our faith like an eagle and we’ll also have stamina to walk in the pace and promises God has for us. This is huge because if our strength isn’t there, how can we walk in His promises?

Therefore, it’s incumbent on us to wait on the Lord in 2020, allowing Him to lead our lives and direct our paths. This word wait is referencing being a waiter or a waitress to God. So it doesn’t mean to sit and do nothing but rather it means to approach God and say, what can I do for you?

There’s something powerful when we ask Jesus this question. It opens up the doors of possibility and in turn, causes us to arise in new strength and longevity. But notice, this happens when we see what we can do for Him, verses always asking what He can do for us. This is huge because we naturally tend to look at what we want more than what He wants, but the strength to soar and the stamina to keep pace comes when we ask Him, what can I do for you?

What could happen if we ask this question in 2020?

I believe miracles will happen. I believe God will give us insight to our families, our work, our health and more. He would empower us to walk in His wisdom so that we see His goodness shown in all areas of our life. More importantly, we will be changed from the inside out because we would be submitted to what He wants to do in us. This is really what we want. This is really what we need. However, our biggest threat to this is us. It’s getting in the way and wanting what we want more than what He wants for our lives.

But 2020 is going to be different!

This holiday I encourage you to ask God, what can I do for you this year?

The answer to this question may come to us quickly or maybe answered over time, but either way, this is where our strength will come from and this is where our spiritual stamina will come from too. Move forward today and let God have His way in your life. This is where we can thrive!

No matter what you’ve come through, God has good things for you in the days ahead and when you and I wait on the Lord, it can open up the doors of possibility and promise that He has for us.

Go for it, Jesus is with you and His mercy is new everyday for you!!

May this be the best year ever,

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