The Aftermath

So here we are, the day after Christmas or as I call it, The Aftermath. How you feeling?

This is interesting because after all the shopping, cooking, planning, traveling and more, it’s over, at least for this year. So now what? I hope we all get to rest a little and reflect on 2019 and plan big things for 2020. Yet, The Aftermath can cause a lot of other emotions that can be a determent to our faith and attitude. We can feel hopeless, tired, afraid of the future or down because of what didn’t happen this year. These feelings and thoughts can be overwhelming and still, God knows who we are and what we’re facing.

His thoughts for us are good, peace-filled and purposed. He promised He would never leave us, nor forsake us; therefore, no matter what we face, He’s there. This is one of the greatest promises we have from God and it can be a relief when we’re facing The Aftermath of Christmas.

But if we go a little deeper, we’ll see a great truth for our lives and for our families.

The Aftermath is not only a description of the post-Christmas hustle and bustle, it’s also an invitation to a life of promise. The miracle of Jesus being born is amazing but that was just the beginning. His birth was the starting point to everything else He is and what He would do and this directly impacts our lives.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

Notice, Jesus gives us His life to the full, so what is His life?

It’s the essence of who He is in our lives. Meaning His peace, joy, provision, protection, purpose and more are seen in our lives. This doesn’t mean we’ll have perfect lives, but we can have perfect peace. We may not have everything we want, but we can have everything we need and this is because of Jesus.

The Aftermath of Christmas speaks to the ongoing miracles and love from Jesus in our lives. On Monday, He’s there and on Friday He’s there. No matter when, where or what, He is there to show us what He can do. This is epic because while heaven is our ultimate destination, our lives can have a touch of heaven right now. We’re not here to be miserable and barely get through, we’re here to reign with Christ and to see His life in us to the full. He’s invested in our victory. He’s invested in our present and in our future. Think about it, He didn’t die and be raised from the dead to drop us or forget about us. No, He did this so that His life would overflow in our bodies. He did this so we could walk as close as we can with Him and still live our lives.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, and we can celebrate His birth and have The Aftermath every day.

I pray in these last few days of 2019, that your faith would be stirred. I pray your hope ignited. I pray your peace would expand and I pray your prayers would be answered because He’s ready to give you, The Aftermath.

What can Jesus do for you?

I encourage you to reach for Him. Believe that The Aftermath is coming to your life and that all His promises are yes and amen for you. He’s willing and able to do beyond what you know or think.

May Jesus be more real to you than ever before and may you see all His plans fulfilled in your lifetime.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come in The Aftermath,

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