Does Your Belt Fit?

Do you remember this famous movie line, “You can’t handle the truth.” This has become an iconic moment and line from the blockbuster movie, A Few Good Men. There’s no question it is the most memorable part of the movie and yet, it speaks to us personally too.

Truth is a debated topic in our culture today. Many seek to expand what truth is, while others seek to challenge the idea in general. However, no matter where you stand on the subject of truth, it’s obvious humanity is searching for something to believe in. This is massive because we all need to build our lives on something that matters and on something that is true. Otherwise, we are left with a hollow feeling of purpose, not knowing where we’re going or why we’re here. But, the sad truth is, too many people live this way and the results deflate the human spirit and pollute the soul. When this happens, restraints come off and selfishness takes center stage, living for me, myself and I. This is where corruption, cheating, greed, lust and pride are fueled only to deceive more and more.

But this is nothing new. The masses have been sidetracked and tricked over and over again for generations and it seems it’s not slowing down. We even see this battle being waged in bible days. Pilate asked Jesus in John 18:38, “What is truth?” You can almost hear the belittling of truth in the question and because of that, Pilate would later be tormented for his role in handing Jesus over as an innocent man.

I believe truth knocks on the door of our hearts over and over again; therefore, what we do with these moments determine so much.

For example, many people struggle to tell the truth to others. This could be standing up for themselves, speaking to an awkward situation and moment or just being honest versus lying. However it looks, telling the truth to others is a valuable thing and it should be practiced daily. But, lying happens all the time and it hurts individuals, families, communities, churches and society as a whole. We must remember lies hurt. Truth heals. Lies divide. Truth unites. Lies cover secrets. Truth reveals secrets to heal secrets. Lies like the dark. Truth is light. Lies bring heavy burdens. Truth takes off the burdens. Lies fortify pride. Truth empowers humility.

Notice how these two are diametrically opposed. They cannot exist together and we must choose which one we will live through.

Another example is telling the truth to ourselves. I think this is a bigger challenge than telling the truth to others because it forces us to face the reality of us. Everyone has ways to lie to themselves to help them navigate life. Whether it’s about our diet, our past, our money habits, our motives, our actions and more, we lie to ourselves to avoid facing ourselves. I heard it said, “When it comes to others, we are a strict judge. When it comes to ourselves, we are an amazing attorney.” How true this is and yet, have you noticed how easy it is to do this? But God has better for us! He has freedom, healing and life change. This is what He can do when we open our hearts and tell the truth to others and to ourselves.

So, does your belt fit?

Did you know that God gives us a belt to wear everyday? It’s a part of the armor we have in Christ and it’s vital for our protection and victory.

“Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.”

Ephesians 6:14

Notice, stand your ground by putting on the belt of truth. This is BIG for our daily faith as we live through the truth of Jesus for ourselves first and toward others. In fact, when we tell ourselves the truth, we’ll tell others the truth. When we give ourselves grace, we’ll give others grace. When we are healthy, we’ll be healthy toward others. This is the pattern that plays out in our lives, so we must remember whatever is happening in us, is what others will see around us.

So, what belt do you have on today?

Meaning, are you wearing the truth of God’s word or are you wearing another? This is subtle but if it’s not God’s truth it could be, our truth, our family’s truth, our friend’s truth, the media’s truth and more. This is why I asked the question, Does your belt fit? Because a massive deception is this, if God’s truth doesn’t fit for my life, I wasn’t live by it. But this is backwards. God doesn’t answer to us, we answer to God. We don’t size the belt of truth by our opinions or wants. We embrace the boundaries of His belt for our lives because He’s God and we’re not. We allow His belt of truth to fit in our hearts by receiving it and by living it.

This is how we stand our ground!

So when we wear the belt of truth, we’re not wavering by opinions. We’re not wavering in politics and we’re not wavering in arguments. We are rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus, building our lives on His rock of truth. This is how we are stable and steadfast. This is how we can be peaceful and healed. This is how we can become healthy and have a healthy life spirit, soul and body!

Does your belt fit?

I encourage you to receive God’s word as truth and live by it. Lay down any resistance and set aside any distractions and believe His word is for you. Begin to tell the truth to yourself, no matter how hard it is. Let healing and life change begin in you by embracing Jesus’ truth for you. Then, determine to live in truth toward others. No lying, manipulation, conning, games or schemes, just truth. This will set you free and give strength to your heart. The time is now and today is the day to let His belt fit you.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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