How’s Your Shoe Game?

Shoes are a Worldwide craze that is growing by the minute. Shoe contracts, designs, trends and fashion have gone to another level, which has only expanded the need to have them. Because of this, shoes make a statement of how we feel, how we roll and how we layout our style. They even have a name for it; shoe candy. That’s right, I heard someone say, “I like your shoe candy.” This made me laugh as now the shoe game is defining new phrases to describe the latest and greatest kicks and it’s not slowing down.

With these trends on the rise, what’s in style and what’s the new normal is constantly changing. High tops and other sneakers are now high end shoes, that make a statement about money and preference. For some, what you wear is connected to who you are. For me, I believe, what we wear is connected to what we like because who we are is based in Jesus. However, for many their identity can be linked to the shoes they wear.

But I believe God cares about our shoe game too. He even mentions it in scripture. His thoughts are different about it than ours, yet He cares about it as our walk of faith is connected to our shoes.

So, how’s your shoe game?

From God’s perspective this is about identity, which means it’s not about the style of the shoe but rather it’s about the empowerment of it. For example, in the book of Ephesians Paul lays out the armor we have through Christ. Shoes are included in it and specifically they are connected to peace. I know the newest shoe can make us feel happy for a moment, but His shoes give peace for a lifetime. Notice how everything in our power is limited and short term. Everything from God is long term, with fulfillment.

“For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.”

Ephesians 6:15

Some reference these as the shoes of peace. I love that! His shoes for our lives are peace. Think about how peace is a huge commodity today. So many are struggling with inner turmoil that most people don’t see. It’s hidden beneath the surface but in the heart and minds of many, there is no peace. Maybe you find yourself in this place today and if so, God is with you and His life and power can give you peace in place of torment and unrest.

There was a moment of time in my life where I had unrest and upheaval in my mind. It was a daily grind to fight through the battle waging on the inside of me; however, through God’s power and community, I am free. What Jesus did for me, He can do for you and when it comes to His shoe game, peace is a part of it.

I love how the shoes in the armor come with peace. I believe this speaks to a couple of aspects we have.

First, wherever we go, we can walk in peace (literally and spiritually). Just how powerful that is! No matter what day it is and no matter where I go, I can walk in peace. Now we know that things may come our way that are upsetting, but with the shoes of peace, we can walk in confidence knowing that Jesus is bringing me through. Peace is not the absence of difficulty but rather its calm faith we can have through anything. When fear, worry, anxiety, nervousness and more come our way, just remember what shoes you have on and receive His peace.

Of course, this is a spiritual act of faith and yet Paul said about the armor of God, “put it on daily.” So one practical thing we all can do is everyday put on the shoes of peace by praying and speaking this passage over our lives. This is how the promises of God become personal to us. This is how it goes from ambiguity, to a specific connection with our lives. I encourage you today to put on your shoes of peace. With your shoe game, above any other pair of shoes, get these on because in Christ they set the tone for the day and for the path we will walk out.

Second, since we have the chance to walk in peace, we can also give be peacemakers through Jesus. Notice we are peacemakers! Not backbiters, gossipers, agitators, troublemakers or more. We are peacemakers; therefore, having on the shoes of peace just empowers us to be what He called us to be. Our aim is to live in peace with everyone as much as possible so, wherever we go, we seek to be a peace giver. This means we overcome political divide, lifestyle choices, church affiliations, church preferences, being jealous, causing drama and wedging people apart verse bringing them together. We overcome these things because we wear the shoes of peace. We overcome these things because we’re called to more and we’re made for more through Jesus.

This is natural and spiritual as it shows up in how we treat others and in how we live our lives. I firmly believe, how we treat others is a reflection of our connection with God. This is why we’re tempted to put on shoes of fear, doubt, anger, bitterness, anxiety and more, but we must choose our shoes of peace. In a practical step forward, I encourage you to be a peacemaker. Be a person who models the love of Jesus to everyone, being the light and salt of world.

So I ask you, what shoes do you have on?

There are a lot of options to put on daily, so we must choose to out on the shoes of peace. This is what matters most with our shoe game because what we have own, will eventually show itself to others. So take one step at a time and move forward in your faith.

God cares so much about this He said, “Beautiful are the feet on those who bring the good news.” Just think, in Jesus, even our feet are beautiful!

This is our time and this is our moment to walk in peace and to be a peacemaker. Put on your shoes of peace, God is with you!

Have a great Christmas season and the best is yet to come,

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