Just Be

Life is fast. Have you noticed? It seems that things are speeding up making our day to day rhythm hard to harness. We’ve got work schedules, school work, kids activities, social life and then hopefully some personal time. All of this plus technology, makes it never stop. If you think about it, we’re always accessible and there are multiple ways to get in touch. There’s phone calls, text messages, emails, direct message on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. It’s crazy and yet this is the pace we’re on and it’s the lifestyle most of us have. Because of this, it can be a challenge to just be.

This idea is almost foreign to the point, that most people say they need a vacation when they get back from their vacation. All of this speaks to the inability to unplug and feel like we truly are relaxed. With this pace it’s clear to see why so many are stressed, nervous, overwhelmed and anxious. We were made to rest and when we are able to mentally take a break, we’re better for it.

But there’s something deeper here too. I believe this pace hinders our ability to stay plugged into God!

When we are plugged into God as our source, everything changes and we’re empowered to just be. But be what?

This is huge because it speaks to who we really are. If you think about it, all of us are being something right now. It shows through our attitude and actions. It’s almost like a jack in the box. No matter what we try to hide or cover, who we are will pop out of the box. This sometimes is good but also can be bad. I know I’ve had a lot of bad moments with those closest to me, because we tend to let the jack out of the box without restraint. Have you been there? If you’re breathing, I bet the answer is yes.

It’s my belief what we’re being is a result of what we feed ourselves, tell ourselves and how we think of ourselves. These things reflect an internal world that many times only God knows it’s depth, which is one reason we need Him so bad in our lives. The truth is, we all want to be the best we can be. We want to thrive because God made us that way; however, too many have thrown in the towel and believe the mirage of half-truths and bold face lies that seek to stop their potential. But, there’s good news.

In Christ we can be who He wants us to be! This gives us identity, strength and courage to rise above our limitation and to be healed in the process. Our faith doesn’t get us everything we want, but through Jesus we can receive everything we need.

So what does just be look like?

There are three things we can decide to do in Christ that will align ourselves to just be what He said.

First, just be still.

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

Psalms 46:10

This is powerful since we’re often attacked to worry or be anxious about the small and big details of our lives. However, to be still smacks worry and anxiety in the face. This speaks to us choosing to exalt God above our stuff and look to Him as our source. Notice in the verse, “He will be honored by every nation, throughout the world.”This is a zoomed-out view that God is bigger than our problem. He’s greater than our struggle and every nation is going to honor Him. It’s like, He knows our stuff, along with every other person in the world so, He’s got it in control. I can be still because He cares for me; therefore, I can give Him what I care about it. This empowers me to be still in whatever is happening around me, because the God of heaven, is the God in me. That’s awesome.

So, I encourage you today to be still. Take the practical step of giving God those things you care about. Give them over to Him so you can be still in His presence. This is for you and it begins with a decision to be still.

Second, just be thankful.

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

This is huge for us on a daily basis. We choose to be thankful as we direct our attitude and outlook to Him. This is about perspective which empowers our faith and our worship. Many times we see things for what they are not or what hasn’t happened, which causes us to not be thankful. Furthermore, this leaves us overlooking the blessings and answers He’s given. When this happens, our faith can be strained because our focus is out of alignment.

In truth, this is hard, which is why we have to decide, I will be thankful. This can’t be based on how we feel because we won’t do it. We choose to be thankful because of who He is and that we have Him in our lives. We can practice being thankful by having a list we write out and intentionally thank him every day. This is a simple step we all can take as we decide to be thankful. What prayers has God answered? What has He done for you? I encourage you today, to give Him thanks. Let your heart be filled with thanksgiving because when think of what He’s done, it stirs our faith to believe He’ll do it again. Being thankful can help our faith be strong and vibrant no matter what we face. So I encourage, be thankful today.

Third, just be joyful.

“Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice.”

Philippians 4:4

Joy is a decision not a feeling. Happiness comes and goes but joy can be constant no matter what. This is why joy is powerful and it even gives us strength (see Nehemiah 8:10). Think about that, joy gives us strength. This means that the results of joy in our lives are far reaching and impact our total man. Joy isn’t about skipping down the road or bouncing off the walls in glee. Joy is about our posture in Christ and we can decide to be joyful. In fact, we can stir up joy by being thankful. These two are connected and when we do one, it can trigger the other to flourish. It’s important to know that joy is a spiritual operation. It’s not a feeling and it’s not based on circumstance, but rather It’s based on a person and His name is Jesus. It’s easy to let our emotions dictate our day and even our lives but that’s not what God has intended. The reality is, our emotions lie to us all of the time, wanting us into believe lies and to devalue ourselves with wrong ideas. This happens more times than we admit but God is greater as we can BE joyful.

Just like being thankful, I encourage you to be joyful by thinking of things to have joy about. Write a joy list and choose it today. Let the force of joy fill your heart through your faith posture and perspective. Notice, the verse says, “Always be full of joy.” This is a daily decision and it’s vital to our spiritual health and vitality. I believe joy helps us stay fresh and flourishing. It helps us stay full of hope and full of faith. It helps us rise above our issues and the issues of others. It causes us to be optimistic, believing that the best is yet to come. So I encourage you to be joyful today.

This is what it looks like to just be.

So move forward today and make the decision this will be you. Don’t wait for others or don’t wait till you feel it, start now and be still, be thankful and be joyful. I promise you, your spiritual health, physical health and emotional health will reflect your decision.

Today is the day and I believe in you.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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