To Infinity and Beyond

I can hear my boys yell out “to infinity and beyond” as they mimic the scenes from Toy Story. They loved it so much, we got them outfits so they could pretend at the next level. All throughout the house, Sumer and I would hear the scenes played out over and over again with the main line being repeated, “to infinity and beyond.” If you have kids like us, then you can relate to what I’m saying. For those who will have kids someday, you’ll see. Our boys have gotten a little older, so they’ve traded pretending to be Buzz Lightyear to being, Steph Curry or LeBron James; however, they still wanted to see Toy Story 4 and finish off what they started. They loved it and I think one of them cried a little at the ending. I think these movies and characters will stick out to them no matter how old they get and when they reminisce someday, they’ll probably say “to infinity and beyond.”

This phrase has become iconic as adults and kids can finish it without thinking twice. It’s a part of our culture just like “Luke, I am your father” from Star Wars and “Avengers, assemble” from the recent Marvel movies. These lines stand alone and they connect us not only to a movie, but also to memories and moments too.

So, what does Toy Story have to do with our faith?

Well, it’s my belief that “to infinity and beyond” has biblical connections to our expectation of what God can do through our lives. So, let’s think about what this line is saying. “To infinity and beyond” is casting a vision of going further than before and going somewhere beyond our imagination. This speaks to seeing what we can’t see and believing that God can do beyond what we know at this point. This is a big deal because the enemy loves to erode our hope and then to limit God’s ability in our lives. This happens way too much as we navigate disappointment, loss, confusion and unmet expectations. These can stem into us having more doubt than faith and more unbelief than hope. When this happens, we short change what God can do through our lives, thus we are left frustrated and unfulfilled.

The reason we are attacked in this way is because it’s our faith that causes God to move and it’s our faith that brings what we don’t see into sight. If the enemy can get us to limit the one who has no limits, then he’s won. If the enemy can get us to distrust the one who is trustworthy, then he’s won. If the enemy can get us to question the ability of the one who has the ability to do anything, then he’s won. This is biblical and we see it played out in one of the stories of Jesus.

“And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.”

Matthew 13:58

This limitation of God impacted the city of Nazareth to the point only a few things happened. How sad. Yet we should pay attention to the power of this diabolical attack and how it can limit Jesus from doing great miracles. Other cities had great healings and outpourings of God’s ability being seen by thousands but the difference was expectation. This is why when it comes to God’s ability, we must say “to infinity and beyond” because what He’s done before, He can do again. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, meaning He’s willing and ready to do again what we read about in the Gospels.

Notice what Paul said in Ephesians 3:20,

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20

What a verse! Paul is saying that in our lives God can do infinitely more than what we ask or even think. Come on now! This is Jesus we’re talking about and His ability is unmatched. He has no rival, He has no equal; therefore, all He needs is someone to say “to infinity and beyond.” God wants to go past our imaginations, past our needs and past our ability so that He gets the glory. I’m fully persuaded that Jesus wants to move more than we want Him to. He wants to answer our prayers more than we want Him to. He wants to save our families, change our cities, pack out our churches and change nations more than we want Him to. Which is why our expectation is so precious and needs to be protected. No matter what didn’t happen, or what has been delayed, we must keep reaching and believing that He can do past what we know. We must reject the attitude of “I’ve seen it all, I know it all and I’ve heard it all” because it’s not true. We’re talking about the Creator of heaven and earth. The beginning and end to our faith and to all things. He’s Jesus and all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him, so for Him to do “infinity and beyond” is easy and normal for His character. This is what He does and it’s what He wants to do!

So, what’s next?

First, what is an area of struggle for you to believe He can go “to infinity and beyond?” Locate it and begin to pray about it. Most times, the areas we struggle to believe God for, we stay away from because it’s a point of contention. However, when we go to these areas, God can touch them and begin to release new hope, enlarged belief and childlike trust. Is it healing? Is it your child? Is it your finances? Is it your marriage? Is it your career opportunities? Or, your friends? Whatever it is, God wants to do what you can’t. He wants to go past your imagination and show you how powerful He is.

Second, begin to read verses or stories in the bible that connect to these areas of struggle. For example, if it’s healing, then read the stories of Jesus healing people in the Gospels. Feed on what God has done for others in this area so your focus is turned to what He can do, what He wants to do and what He has done. You can also find modern day stories and testimonies that connect to these areas to build up your faith because if God has done it for one person, then He can do it for you. I practice this by getting stories and listening to them almost daily to feed my spirit of what God can do for me. This works and it’s easy for all of us to do.

This is how we begin to take steps toward believing God can go “to infinity and beyond” in our lives and through our prayers.

I encourage you to believe that God is real and He is able to do what we can’t. He can do what others can’t and He can do the impossible in our lives. Someone has to believe it. Someone has to reach for it. We sing “How great is our God” so let’s see how great He is!

He sees you, He knows you and He’s ready to go “to infinity and beyond” in your life.

I believe, the best is yet to come,

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