What would you do differently if you were fearless? This question has the ability to pull out of us what we would do if we were unlimited by fear. This gives a window into our soul of hopes, dreams and desires of what we want to do, but for some reason we haven’t. This question also seems to pull back the curtain of who we really want to be and how we see ourselves unbridled by fear. With this in mind, it’s interesting that through studies they have found that regret can cause more pain than failure or loss. I know this is true as I’ve seen people at the end of their lives writhing in pain from what wasn’t said, what they didn’t do and who they didn’t make it right with. Too many people find themselves in this place because years before fear told them “don’t do it” and they listened.

Everyone faces fear for a variety of reasons and yet what we do with it impacts our lives drastically.

It seems that fear can either propel us into more of God, or it can bind us into an invisible prison of regret. Over and over again the enemy uses fear because it works so well. Too many of us listen to its voice and therefore, we’re trapped by a lie and limited by a myth. This in itself breeds frustration, limitation and most of all regret. Life is too short to think what could have been, when we have the chance to know what can be through Jesus. There’s no doubt in my mind that one reason the enemy uses fear is to make us afraid of something because in reality, he’s afraid of us. It’s the common tactic of a bully trying to prove he’s tough when really, he’s not. Since the devil can’t stop God’s work in us, he uses fear to block God’s work through us. Did you get that? It’s huge!

He can’t stop God! So, his tactic is for us to cave into fear to limit God through us, and in doing so we don’t see what we can fully be in Him! This is what fear does, but there is good news! We can overcome through Jesus.

So, what do we have to dismantle fear?

The Bible says 2 Timothy 1:7 –

“God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

Notice, God doesn’t use phobias to teach us lessons. He doesn’t use these to help us be more spiritual because fear causes torment. Our God is the Prince of Peace and He is the opposite of fear. Anytime we feel phobias, we can know it’s never from God but always from the enemy.

Instead of fear we have power, love and a sound mind to dismantle this onslaught against us. It’s up to us to enforce these in our lives as we decide, fear will not win!

First, we have power. This literally means supernatural power or miracles. God has given us power to win in life. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever meaning what He did in the gospels, He’s doing today. We serve a God who is alive and who is thriving in life, power and victory. He’s undefeated and when we use His name something happens. No matter what you’re facing today, you have power through Jesus!

Second, we have love. This literally means supernatural love. It’s divine because it’s unconditional and only God can do this for us. His love doesn’t increase or decrease for us, He always loves us at the highest point. It’s this love that drives out fear (see 1 John 4:18). His love smashed the devil at Calvary and when we receive His love we are empowered to flush fear out from our lives.

Third, we have a sound mind. This literally means right thought patterns. We all have thousands of thoughts that go through our minds everyday. So, how does fear attack us? Does it smack us in the face? Does it push us down? Or, does it use a weapon and attack? The answer is no. Fear attacks through our thoughts. It’s this area where He can gain a stronghold that imprisons us into living wrong, doing wrong and thinking wrong throughout our lives. Think about it, everything we do first originates with a thought, then it’s translated to an act. Because of this we have a promise of a sound mind in Jesus. Practically, begin to read the Bible daily and let Him get in your heart through His word. If you’re doing that, then begin to memorize verses and speak them out loud throughout your day. This is how we lead our minds to a sound mind.

It’s good for us to speak to ourselves more than we listen to ourselves.

Notice, we have the tools to overcome fear. It’s up to us what we do with them. Fear can bow before us in the name of Jesus, but we must invoke His power, love and sound mind over our fears so that we win. Being idle leads to nothing. Taking action in faith leads to change!

I encourage you to move forward. Decide to be fearless one day at a time, one step at a time and one fear at a time. He’s faithful and you will overcome what’s trying to overcome you!

Have a great day and the best is yet to come!

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