Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

When I was a kid we did what we call, old school church. This meant, you had Sunday School first and then you had the main service after. While we were in Sunday School we learned bible stories, played games to help memorize scripture, and we also sang songs that were designed to help us remember biblical truth. I’m also convinced these songs were designed to be forever imprinted in our brains because there are some days they pop up and I start to sing them all over again. One of those songs had the title of this blog in it and it goes like this. Be careful little eyes what you see, there’s a Father up above looking down in His love, so be careful little eyes what you see. If you went to Sunday School, do you remember this one? No matter if you know it or not, if you were in Sunday School I bet there’s a song or two that comes back to your mind from time to time. These were good times and I’m glad I was a part of it.

What’s amazing about these songs is that they’re powerful and true for us today. Think about the line, be careful little eyes what you see.

This is for kids and adults alike. This truth is something we have to consistently watch as things are coming our way that are subtle and overt. The enemy’s tactic is diabolical as he seeks to flood our mind with pictures that are contrary to God’s peace and love in our lives. This objective is to confuse and fluster us with a plethora of images that slowly erode God’s promises and ways. However, we’ve all seen something we shouldn’t have seen so what do we do?

By no means do I believe we should be hermits that shut ourselves away from everything because this is not reality. I do believe we should be aware of what’s going on and have personal boundaries that give us clear strategies every day. These boundaries are unique to each of us but we need them to guard our eyes with what we see. I encourage you today to be on guard, protect yourself and be diligent with putting safeguards around you and your family. The long term benefits are staggering. The negative impact is staggering too if we we’re not careful what our little eyes see.

This truth is twofold. The first is more obvious but the second is massive in the outcome of our faith.

The first part is, we have to determine to keep our eyes from looking at vile things.

“I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar.”

Psalms 101:3

This is a great stance to have as a Christ follower because the eye gate controls so much of our thoughts and actions. I encourage all of us to make the decision to not look at things that are wrong. I believe this conviction will protect us, it will empower us, and it will heal us. So much of what our mind is thinking is linked to what we have seen. This connects to our fears, lust, emotions and desires. It all links to what we’ve seen which means, if I do this, my mind will begin being transformed to new thought patterns and that means a new way of living. This is possible through Jesus; therefore, take a stand and refuse to look at anything vile or vulgar. You’ll be healed from it!

Some practical steps can be, receive accountability in your life. Get filters on your phones, computers, iPads, TV’s and more. These basic steps have a lot of power in them because they give us boundaries that keep us safe and also keep out what’s trying to hurt us. Go for it, God is with you.

The second part is, we choose to live by what we don’t see.

“For we live by believing and not by seeing.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

This is radical! Paul said, we live by our faith and not by our sight. He also said that what is seen is temporary and what’s invisible is eternal. This truth is diametrically opposed to our senses and yet this is how we live in Christ. While this is challenging, it’s also empowering. Think about it, I don’t have to live by the limitations, struggles, setbacks and more that I may see in front of me. In fact, they don’t even define me because what God says and who He is are the foundation that I build my life on. This is liberating! Yet notice, the enemy to our faith is not fear, it’s sight.

Too often we let what we see dictate what we believe. The danger of this is changing what we believe about God and lowering expectations because something didn’t happen as we thought. This is massive as so many Christians have lowered the expectations or completely let them go to the point they don’t think God will do anything in their life right now. We have to guard ourselves from this which is why I’m saying, be careful little eyes what you see! What I see is real and it’s reality; however, truth is greater than facts. With Jesus I have the Truth meaning, He is the highest form of reality. There’s nothing that can happen to us, that God can’t do something about it. His power is unmatched. His name is above all names. His glory covers the earth and His promises are everlasting. With all of this and more, we know that Jesus is ready to move in our lives, all He’s looking for is our faith reaching up to Him.

This is why the enemy uses sight to distract and frustrate us away from prayer, away from believing, away from church and away from God. But, when I remember that my life is defined by Jesus and His word, what I see becomes just an opportunity for God to move. I don’t have to let offense rob me. I don’t have to let anger rule me. I don’t have to let lust control me. I don’t have to let failure define me. I don’t have to let my family determine my ceiling and I don’t have to let what I see change what I believe. I live by faith in God, not by the things that I see!

Be careful little eyes what you see because God is looking down through His love, ready to fulfill all He has said in your life. Keep moving, keep going and keep holding on to His unchanging hand.

A practical thought to put in to practice is, read the bible every day and begin to memorize scripture. This has profound impact on our faith and with how we live our lives. Have you noticed, what you put in you is what comes out of you? Because this is true, we must out the word of God in our hearts so that it is what comes out when life is hard. If I feed on junk food every day, my body will show it and my health will show it too. If I eat healthy and do what I know I should do, my body will show and my health will show it too. The same is true for our faith. If I feed on negativity, anger, lust, greed and more that’s what will come out of my speech and attitude. But when I feed on God and His word, my attitude will show it, my speech will show it and my eyes will follow too.

This is why I’m saying, be careful little eyes what you see.

Take your next step today. Move forward in your faith. Be who God has called you to be. Your eyes are a gift but don’t let what you see be your vision. Let God give that to you and go for it, He’s faithful to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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