Being OK to Disagree

Our culture is in a massive tug-of-war between diametrically opposed views. This is causing heated debates, fractured friendships, split churches and arguments that lead to dead end streets. The vitriol is rising as the tension is boiling to pressure points of seemingly no return and this is disturbing. More and more it appears the ability of being OK to disagree is eroding into labeling and name calling based on the views of a person verses the character of a person. This is dangerous, as it forms an invisible prison of power and control that exhibits no freedom at all. The phrases of “believe like us or else” or “if you think this way or vote this way then you’re this to me” are narrow minded and fickle and it threatens open dialogue and the freedom of thought and speech. The ability of being OK to disagree is liberating and empowering as we discover who we are as individuals and then discover how we can make an impact in our lifetime. The chance to make a difference is inherently buried within our heart as we all seek to have our lives count for something more than our paychecks and mortgages. We have an instinct that knows life is better when we live for something bigger than ourselves. We also know that fulfillment comes when we do life with others and team up for the greater good of people. Therefore, the ability of being OK to disagree is monumental in our faith through Christ and in our influence with those around us.

Following Jesus is the greatest gift and honor we can have in our lives. He’s our Savior, redeemer, hope and friend and there’s no one like Him! The bible even says He is the desire of the nations (see Haggai 2:7), meaning every nation, tribe and language know there is a God somewhere. The gap is, they don’t know it’s Jesus, or they’ve seen Jesus portrayed wrongly by those who claim Him. Don’t get me wrong, there are other reasons why people don’t know Him, yet these two things I’ve mentioned are big issues. Because of this, we must grow in being OK to disagree!

Too often churches are bickering, ranting and debating nonsense, when everyday people are around us looking for hope. They’re looking for Jesus, but a cunning tactic of the devil is to distract us through our preferences to the point we seek to prove our way is right more than helping people become right through Christ. When our focus is completely to convert people to our church, our theology, our group, our style and our way…we’re missing it. Our focus must be on leading people to Jesus, period. We must lay down our preferences, in exchange for His presence. This is where we thrive and this is where we are changed and others are changed. This is one reason why it’s good being OK to disagree.

If we can’t do this with other Christians that worship Jesus, then how can we connect to those who don’t?

I value influence and you should too. Influence gives us permission to speak into the culture of now. Time moves on and yesterday’s nostalgia will miss the moments of today and the people in these moments. This is why influence is huge and it’s why being OK to disagree is crucial. If we settle to make points, we will miss hearts. Therefore the influence we could have will be given to someone else and what’s worse, someone who leads in a wrong direction.

Jesus said in John 14:6

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

This epic statement draws the line and sets the course we should take. Jesus is what we need. He’s the door into heaven. He’s the path to eternal life and He’s the truth we build our lives on. That’s not narrow minded or mean, it’s truth! He’s the only one who claimed to be God, then die for everyone and then be raised from the dead. These facts are both biblical and historical but there’s no greater proof than seeing the life change in my life and in the lives so many others. He’s real and He’s here.

If you haven’t, receive Him today. Let Him be the Lord of your life and see what amazing things He has in place for you.

Because He is truth, it’s a good thing being OK to disagree. In fact, we can accept someone and disagree with someone at the same time. If don’t believe me, have kids. I accept my kids and love them with all I have, but that doesn’t?t mean I agree with everything they do or say. In fact, if I didn’t do this, it would be utter chaos since I would be hand cuffed from leading, correcting or speaking into their lives. And that would lead to disaster for my kids and my home. We have to get this to be healthy people. I can love and accept you and disagree with you simultaneously. This is basic freedom and it is basic relationship boundaries. Without this, we have nothing left but power and control issues seeking to label and dictate what others will do and be. This is wrong and ungodly.

Being OK to disagree must be practiced in our homes, our churches, our schools, our jobs, our friends and more. It must be. Because if we don’t, we lose influence and we lose respect and when this happens it’s over. As Christ followers we are commanded to love past a political party, past a vote, past a style, past ethnicity, past life choices and more. We are commanded to love. Meaning, at our best, we will love past what we see and be willing to disagree with something that is wrong and be able to have an open heart along the way. Jesus is calling us higher and now is the time to go there with Him.

Who in your life do you accept and disagree with today?

I pray you have someone because Jesus is calling to step through the door of differences and model the reckless love of God.

I believe in you and I know God has great things for you. Move forward in being OK to disagree.

Have a great day,

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