Rubber Band Faith

Have you ever played with a rubber band? When I was kid I used them as a gun and as a weapon to pop someone with it. Did you ever do that? If not, you were a good kid. But, if you were like me, you were ornery. I’m thankful for God’s grace. Yet, rubber bands are a big part of our culture. They’re used in multiple genres as we bind things together, we stretch them to max out their capacity, and for offices…they’re a must. However, rubber bands speak to spiritual truth we can all learn from.

Like rubber bands, God loves to stretch our faith!

Have you been there before? We grow in our faith when we are stretched. We don’t like this, as our propensity is to keep things safe and comfortable. Many times we value stability and rightfully so, it’s just when it comes to our faith in Jesus, we will be stretched. I believe whatever God wants to do in your life, it requires stretching. This means, He will take us to places where we can’t do it by our ability, where our money isn’t enough, and where our acumen hits its ceiling. It’s a part of the process and any dream from God will require this so He gets the glory, and so He does through us what only He can do. Being uncomfortable a lot of times means, I’m not in control and in Christ, this is a good thing. Too often we’re in control of too many things and because of this we block God from doing what He can do. The greatest place to find ourselves in is when we need Rubber Band Faith.

It’s here that God does the impossible. It’s where He does miracles and it’s where He does what we can’t do.

Every story in the Bible that involves a miracle, required Rubber Band Faith. The person or people were forced into this place or were led there before God moved. In fact, every miracle began with a problem and every miracle was needed because human ability couldn’t solve it. We often pray for miracles or for God to use us, but what we don’t think about is the Rubber Band Faith that will be needed. Then, we get surprised or frustrated when we find ourselves in a tight spot and all we have is God. Therefore, I encourage you to embrace Rubber Band Faith as the greatest opportunity of your life. Embrace it as the precursor of a miracle that Jesus will do for you. Your marriage can make it. Your kids will be saved. Your new job will come to you. He will heal your body. He will restore peace in your mind and He will make a way where there is no way. Yes, our God is a miracle worker and because He is, our Rubber Band Faith is needed so we touch Heaven and Heaven touches us.

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him.”

Hebrews 11:6

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8

Notice, it’s our faith that pleases God. Or we could say, it’s our faith that touches God and gives Him joy. We think the enemy to faith is fear, but really the enemy to our faith is sight. What we see or what we don’t see is often the attack on our faith. We determine what He can or can’t do by what we see, and this is one of the reasons we like being safe and comfortable. This is because what we see or don’t see is dictating what we believe. But in Jesus it’s the opposite. What we don’t see is more real than what is visible; therefore, when we use Rubber Band Faith we touch God.

What are you facing today? It may be a mountain of despair, sickness, divorce, parenting, finances and more, but with God all things are possible. With God we have the promise that He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. His ability and His willingness to do miracles is the same as it’s always been. His character is consistent with His word, so when we use Rubber Band Faith, something happens. Jesus moves on our behalf and something changes. Your mountain may be tall and steep. It may be painful and lonely. It may be overwhelming and full of depression. It may be stressful and hurtful, but our God can do something about it. You can climb it with Him. In fact, if your mountain was smooth and easy it would be impossible to climb. The very fact is jagged, sharp, has edges and cliffs is the opportunity to climb one step at a time with God. This means, it’s the pain you feel that can propel your Rubber Band Faith. It’s hurt and jagged places and past that can cause you to get on your knees and connect to God. It’s all of these things and more that demand Rubber Band Faith and when this happens, something great is going to take place.

So today, embrace Rubber Band Faith. Allow it to be a part of your journey. Let it give you joy and move forward seeing God do what only He can do through you. Cast off complaining, negativity and self-pity. Your time is now and your moment is here. Rubber Band Faith was required in Bible times and it’s required today and if you’re going to see God fulfill your potential, you must use it. So please, overcome offense and disappointment. Don’t let these two things erode your faith into a religious relic. God wants to move now. He wants to move today. He can do the impossible. He’s a miracle worker and He loves us enough to put us into a place of Rubber Band Faith.

May the Lord strengthen you, may He empower you to believe, and may you respond with Rubber Band Faith.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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