Crumbs Around the Table

Have you noticed how many crumbs cookies leave behind? No matter where you eat them, crumbs are sure to follow. At my house I can tell which child ate the cookies by the amount of crumbs are in the aftermath. Some are on the table but most are on the floor; they’re learning what it means to clean after they make a mess. Yeah, please pray for me. Boys and cleaning takes the grace of God. I just hope my daughter picks up cleaning easier. Parent life is real!

However, crumbs in the Bible have a deeper meaning.

In Matthew, a lady comes to Jesus who is not Jewish by birth. She’s from a region that traditionally didn’t believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of this, she was outside the scope of Jesus? view as He came to His people. Today we know that Jesus is for anyone who calls on Him. Yet, His ministry on earth was toward His people first, then to those who weren’t Jewish. But, this fact didn’t stop her tenacity and faith. You see, she was desperate for God because her daughter was tormented by the devil. She needed a miracle and wasn’t going to stop for anything.

This is a lesson for us too.

There’s something about tenacious faith that touches the heart of God. Too many quit, give up, change their beliefs based on what didn’t happen. This is a mistake because Jesus is always answering; therefore, our job is to keep reaching for Him. Did you know that Jesus is praying for us everyday (see Hebrews 7:25)- So if He’s praying for me everyday, then I can pray to Him everyday. Keep reaching, keep praying and don’t give up. God is moving on every word you say!

Back to our story. When she presses Jesus for help, He denies her. He even references a dog toward her. This is crazy. However, notice what she says with her response in Matthew 15:27-28 –

“27. She replied, ‘That’s true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps/crumbs that fall beneath their masters’ table.’ 28. ‘Dear woman,’ Jesus said to her, ‘your faith is great. Your request is granted.’ And her daughter was instantly healed.”

Matthew 15:27-28

I love this! It’s one of my favorites because she didn’t stop!

She says, “Even the dogs get the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.” Her faith was so set that all she needed was a crumb and her miracle would happen. She also believed, Jesus was powerful enough to heal her daughter with one crumb from His bread. This is deep because Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life (see John 6:48) and this bread is from Heaven. There’s something about Jesus that’s supernatural. He’s able to do what we can’t through miracles and He’s doing this today!

When this lady said this statement, something happened and Jesus said, “Your faith is great” and her daughter was healed. Today this is the same for us too. All we need is a crumb from Heaven. There’s enough power in one of His crumbs to set us free, to answer our prayers and to do what we can’t. There’s enough of Heaven in one crumb to change our reality forever. What He did for this lady and her daughter, He’ll do for you too. You don’t need a whole lot, in fact, all you need is a crumb!

But who is at the Masters’ table?

This is important as she said, “the Masters’ table.” For us today, Jesus has a table and He’s inviting you to join Him. That’s right, He’s inviting you and me to join Him. You see, at His table is losers, failures, addicts, rich, poor, the tormented, educated, uneducated, perverts, the messed up and the broken. He’s not looking for the prideful or those who think they’re better than others. He’s not interested in those who pretend to love Him and put down others along the way. No, Jesus is reaching for the humble and those who are looked over by life. He’s looking for someone who will keep coming no matter what. He’s looking for someone who is willing to get a crumb on the floor around His table and not care what others think. He’s responding to hunger that keeps reaching and keeps believing no matter what.

So come to the Master’s table. He wants to be with you and He doesn’t care what you’ve done or what others think. He’s God and He has crumbs that will change your life. He has crumbs that will change everything; therefore, our part is to come as we are. No pretense. No pretending and no barriers. Just us. That’s what this lady did and it’s the same for us today. Keep going and keep reaching, there’s a place at the table for you. He accepts you. He welcomes you and He believes in you. The crumbs are there for your miracle, so come and receive from the bread of life. He’s willing and this is your moment.

I encourage you to allow others to come alongside you at a local church. We would love to have you at City and then be a part of a group. This is a great way to move toward the Master’s table.

Have a great week and I pray you receive His crumb.

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