Kids, Dads and Family

Happy Father’s Day weekend.

I hope this holiday gives you joy and comfort as we celebrate Fathers and the Father figures in our lives. This is a great time to say thank you, express love and share why he is important to you. These moments are big as they fortify the bond that God created between a Dad and his kids. This is the plan of God for every family, yet so many have not experienced what He intended. The results of this are far reaching and it impacts many layers in our society. But this blog isn’t another bash session about men. In fact, I believe there are too many messages, books and more that bash Fathers. This is counter-productive and needs to be redirected in another direction.

For example, the obvious devastation that we see when it comes to a lack of fathers and male role models, speaks to the immense power God has given to every man. The impact of this problem reveals the worth and value of a man and why God set up the family in His image and likeness. Therefore, it’s my heart to empower every man reading this to believe, you are somebody and God has greatness in you. It’s also my heart to empower every lady reading this to believe, the men in your life have great potential and no matter where they are now, God can do anything through them.

In truth, the enemy loves to emasculate men. He wants to make them a weak fixture in the corner of the house who is begging for sex, or doing wrong with it and barely involved in the culture of the home. This ideology seeks to strip the role of the father and position him as incompetent and an adult child for the wife or lady to care for. This is the total opposite of God’s heart for men everywhere, which is why I want to encourage you with this blog entitled, Kids, Dads and Family.

God’s intent for men is greatness and every man can be great! This is not measured in our things or in our fame but rather in our home. It’s how we love our wives and kids that produce a legacy beyond our ability or money. Therefore, no matter our stuff status, when it comes to God and our families, it’s our heart status that speaks the loudest. So receive your worth from God. Receive your value from Him and believe He’s made you on purpose!

“Children’s children are the crown of old men, And the glory of children is their father.”

Proverbs 17:6

Wow! The opportunity men have is massive and when a man steps up, the ripple of blessing is generational. This speaks of consistency, love and pro-active leadership in the home. Through Jesus we’re all empowered to do this no matter our ability, wealth or education. Being the glory of our children is not about things, it’s about love. It’s not about being a star, it’s about shining like a star in our homes. These big and small steps are everything to our kids and when a man is in his place, great things happen. It’s my belief kids are longing for their father’s approval, affection and attention. They’re gaining strength when we affirm them. They’re gaining confidence when we take time for them and they’re gaining leadership when we lead them. This is huge, and when we see how big the small things are, the better everyone will be. So no matter where we come from, we have a chance to be what our kids need and when we do this, it can change the trajectory of a family tree.

Literally, our actions today can set the course for generational blessings tomorrow! Because of this, we must actively speak into our kids’ lives with direction, love and care. Our wives will thrive on it and our kids will grow from it.

“Now his father, King David had never disciplined him at any time, even by asking, ‘Why are you doing that?’ Adonijah had been born next after Absalom, and he was very handsome.”

1 Kings 1:6

Notice that King David never corrected him which means, he didn’t lead him. Adonijah tried to be the king without the blessing of God or his father and he ended in disaster. But, this happened because David never stepped up for his son. This speaks to both fathers and mothers how important it is when we correct our kids. This takes both parents as correcting them is leading them, which is why we must do this with love, conviction and integrity. When this is absent, kids are led astray and they are handicapped by wrong attitudes and actions. This leaves too many adult children in our communities and the impact of this is negative.

When it comes to Kids, Dads and Family we must embrace correcting them so we lead them to who God wants them to be. We can’t afford to allow our homes to be out of control by an out of control child. Therefore, when a father steps up it gives peace to the home and to the child. This is what they want and it’s what they need. Fathers are leaders and when this role is embraced, wives are empowered, kids are led and homes are strong. When men accept who they are in Jesus, our churches are stronger, communities are safer and our nation is healthier. So to every man, you are invaluable and you can do this. No matter your family past or your mistakes, God has greatness in you. Through Christ you can do all things, so please take your place. Be a Godly man who loves a lady correctly and who leads his kids with integrity. Your destiny comes through your family. They’re not holding you back, but rather they’re a part of the launch pad. The grass isn’t greener in someone else lawn, just water your own lawn and watch what happens. You’re more than a sex object and sports fanatic, you’re a man of God with somewhere to go and as you go, your kids and your family will follow.

Ladies, please encourage the men in your life. Speak life and potential into them. Show them what they mean to you and love them vigorously. Men, please love the ladies in your life. Tell them what they mean to you. Love them the best you can as Christ loves you. Be manly, decisive, humble and confident in who you are. Take the lead and find leaders to help you in your life.

Now is the time. Today is your day. The moment is here. Move forward as see that the best is yet to come!

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you more and more.

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