Dogmas, Attitudes and the Heart

Do you know a Dogmatic person?

They stand out as their attitude is, It’s my way or no way. Or, Im right and everyone else is wrong.? These are typical veneers they portray in dealing with others and it’s not pleasant. Yet, this attitude is far too often displayed in church and it hurts. Over and over again there is a push from various leaders and groups to be Dogmatic about the wrong things, thus not emphasizing the main things. When this happens we lose touch of those hurting around us and we hurt each other along the way. This is sad and damaging to the heart of Jesus and what He wants us to do. This behavior is cunning as politics, theological points, worship styles, lights, presentation, discipleship verses evangelism, end of world beliefs and more are topics of division and criticism toward each other; therefore, hurting our focus and fruit. Because of the damage this continues to cause, I believe this is one of the greatest attacks toward us today.

Dogmas, Attitudes and the Heart are big things to God as they determine our interactions with others, along with our focus. This is huge because Jesus wants us to have fruit in our faith. Fruit is another way of saying results and God wants this from us. This doesn’t mean changing the world, being famous, or standing in front of millions of people. For most of us it means, loving our neighbor, being faithful, and actively leading someone to Jesus. How simple and how profound, as all of us are called to have results with our faith.

Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.?

John 15:5

Notice Jesus wants us to produce much fruit but we have to remain in Christ and this deals with our Dogmas, Attitude and the Heart. I’ve noticed over time that Dogmatic people are big talkers and not big doers. They are quick to point out other peoples flaws, but hide in the shadow of their own idleness. Haters are going to hate and most of the time they’re not doing much either. Just think if every Christ follower would lead one person to Jesus this year, what would happen? Churches would be growing and our cities would be better off. It?s simple and genius in that, each of us can do something as a part of the solution to make Jesus famous and helping others come to Him. Our life?s work will not be found in Dogmas, but rather it will be revealed through our hearts. God is not interested in our arguments and proving we?re better than others. He’s not interested in us bickering with other Christians when hurting people are desperate for a real God daily. Our greatest mandate and calling is to be the light and salt of the earth! It?s showing Jesus through our flaws so that others can see Him.

Therefore, we must yield our Dogmas, Attitude and Heart to God for continual healing and change!

This is huge because these areas dictate how we portray Jesus, how we treat other churches and Christians and what we focus on. Our focus is huge since this determines what we do. If we focus on what?s wrong with the American church, and what’s wrong with that group, and what’s wrong with TV preachers, and what?s wrong with ladies preaching, and what’s wrong with this doctrine and that doctrine, we will miss those beside us every day. This is a great trick because if I lose touch with those around me, chances are I’ve lost touch with myself. But, If I’m in touch with myself and my need for God, chances are I’ll be in touch with those around me. This is massive and it’s what Jesus is wanting from all of us who serve Him.

In fact, when Im in touch with the reality of others, I lay down Dogmas, my Attitude is compassionate and my Heart beats for God.

Didn’t Jesus come to seek and save the lost? Of course, and He wants us to do the same through Him. Now, we must have conviction of the scripture and have doctrinal beliefs that chart our behaviors and way of life. This is a must for all Christ followers, yet we don’t plant our flag on what we believe, but rather we plant our flag in who we believe. Our faith is based on our personal relationship with Jesus and when this happens my Dogmas, my Attitude and my Heart will reflect His passion and purpose for me. When this happens, I lay down the need to be better than others because my mission is to reach others. No longer am I seeking power over others because He’s empowered me to reach others. This posture is freeing and it’s the position we should be in serving Jesus.

Our time is now and our moment is here to let Jesus in our Dogmas, our Attitude and our Heart. Too many people have no hope. Too many people are lost and too many people are desperately reaching for a God who can help; therefore, we must be His church!

Which of these could Jesus touch in your life today? Are you Dogmatic about something? Is it your Attitude? Are you turned toward minor things? Is it your heart? Are you harboring things that are unclean and hurtful to your faith? These are the things we should be asking ourselves on the regular because when these three areas are right, we will have results with our faith.

God has something great for you. He wants to use your life to impact eternity and it?s right now! Give your Dogmas to Him. Lay down the right to be right, so you can be right with Him. Lay down the need to be better than others, so you can serve others. Open your heart to Him, so you can open your heart to others. This is where we thrive and this is what we were born for.

I encourage you to take your next step. Reach up to God and then reach out to others. He?s with you and the time is now and remember, with God, nothing is impossible.

Have a great week and I believe in you,

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