The Way Maker

Have you ever been trapped? It’s suffocating and it slowly rips away hope. For most of us, we’ve felt this as life and or our decisions have left us wondering, will I make it through this?

Feeling trapped is one of the greatest tactics of our enemy. In these moments it?s easy to gravitate toward anxiety, nervousness and irrational decisions that can make everything worse. Feeling like there are no options is often the precursor to doing something wrong. Haven’t we all been there? Of course, and yet there’s always hope through Jesus.

This is because Jesus felt trapped too.

“This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for He faced all of the same testings we do, yet He did not sin.”

Hebrews 4:15

Notice how Jesus went through the process of life just like you and me. He faced growing pains, family dynamics and conflict. Every emotion and every temptation we face Jesus faced too. He is all God and all man, being perfect with God and understanding who we are and what we feel. Therefore, from His life, we have life more abundantly. From His obedience we have peace and from His resurrection, we have our Way Maker!

This Easter we celebrate the fact that death couldn?t trap Jesus since He was raised from the dead. Think about that, death bowed to God?s power and Jesus got up. This means, nothing can trap us for long because Jesus is the Way Maker!

He opens doors that don?t exist. He opens windows no one can see. He goes where no one can go, and He does what no one can do because He?s the Way Maker!

Do you feel trapped today?

Jesus lives and He is ready to move for you and when you ask Him, He hears. In fact, the first time you ask, He answers; therefore, He?s moving when you don?t see it. He?s moving when you don?t feel it, and He?s making a way for you now. The Way Maker isn?t bound to our understanding or ability. He?s God. Our job is to yield to His ability believing that anything is possible with Him.

Easter is a time to remember what Jesus said in John 11:25 – ?Jesus told her, ?I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.?

He lives and nothing is too hard for Him!

So, what are you facing today?

No matter what it is and no matter how trapped you feel, Jesus is able! He?s making a way for you!

Therefore, determine to worship from your heart. Take your family to church. Write out a thankful list and make amends with someone. Now is the time and this is the moment for the Way Maker to move for you. Grab your moment, He?s passing by your house today.

Happy Easter!

The best is yet to come,

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