Escape Room

There’s a new game that’s becoming popular, it’s called Escape Room.

The idea is to use clues to try to escape in 60 minutes. Are you smart enough to beat the clock? Groups of friends, co-workers, families and more embark as a team to beat the clock and find the way out of the room. Of course, it’s laid with distractions and decoys to enhance teamwork while getting out. Within the 60 minutes different groups are challenged to stay focused, be a team and help each other through the process. As you can imagine, this is both fun and challenging for each group that does it.

Yet, this connects to a bigger reality.

Many people are in an Escape Room called life and it’s not 60 minutes they’re trying to beat, but rather it’s a temporary or lifelong challenge. The moment of feeling trapped in a room or situation comes to everyone as life doesn’t discriminate. It’s these moments that can crush a person or invoke them to rise to new places. Yet, it’s overwhelming to be in an Escape Room and you don’t have the strength or ability to get out on your own. This helpless feeling can be deflating; however, it’s normal since none of us have all the answers. Humanity itself is limited which is why we need Jesus.

Are you in an Escape Room?

Our Escape Room can be fear, sickness, anxiety, marital trouble, parenting, finances and more. It screams there’s no way out seeking to break our will from trying to change, and yet Jesus comes and is our way-maker. In fact, it’s in these moments where we can’t, that He can! It’s when there is no way, that He makes a way. It’s when we can’t do it, that He does it. Every miracle begins with an Escape Room and when Jesus shows up, everything changes.

“I am the Lord, the God of all the people of the world. Is anything too hard for me”

Jeremiah 33:27

“For with God nothing is impossible.”

Luke 1:37

Notice in these verses that God can do anything. His power has no limit because He’s ALL-POWERFUL and He changes not. This means He’s the same God who used Moses, raised up Esther, and anointed David. He’s the same Jesus today and He unlocks Escape Rooms all over the world and He’ll do the same for you.

We must remember that God does miracles. He’s a way-maker and He does what we can’t. This is important when we find ourselves in an Escape Room with no way out.

Are you there today? Are you overwhelmed in an Escape Room with no hope?

If this is you, please don’t give up. Keep praying, keep reaching because Jesus has a miracle for you. He’s your way-maker and in that Escape Room He’ll make a way for you to get out and give Him glory.

When we find ourselves in an Escape Room here are a couple of things we can do.

First, we guard our heart from being offended. It’s easy for this to happen when we face insurmountable circumstances. We can feel and say, Why me? Where is God at? and Why am I here? While these are normal questions, they can rob us of a hope perspective. No matter where we’re at in life, God can do something about it. Our job is to keep our heart open and worship Him through all things. When we’re offended our hearts close and when they close, it’s hard to believe God for anything.

Second, encourage yourself. Great things happen when we do this on a daily basis. Reading the Bible, listening to messages, and listening to worship by ourselves are big ways to do this. When we encourage ourselves, we’re building spiritual muscle which gives us strength to believe. It’s like anything else, when we’re consistent and determined, we’ll see results. So when we apply this same principle to our faith, our expectation grows that God is going to move on our behalf. I believe that our expectation determines so much of our faith; therefore, feed it and choose to believe in God!

No matter what you’re facing today, there is hope for you. He will be your way-maker. There is no Escape Room too hard for Him. He’s the way out and He’s the answer to the problem. I encourage you to take your next step. Move forward in your faith and never give up.

Your Escape Room is going to be a great part of your story. It’s not your ending, but rather it’s a chapter in the great things God does for you.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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