A Christmas Hero

We all love a hero. It’s a part of our culture as we celebrate actors, entertainers, athletes, soldiers and more. In fact, we see the market for a hero in the explosion of the Marvel movies and how they’re making history in Hollywood. This speaks to our love of heroism and how we look for it more than we think.

Some of the best books, fairy tales and stories are centered around a hero who saves the day and makes everything good again. This usually goes the same in any genre with, a problem too big for anyone to handle until the hero shows up and solves it. Everyone celebrates and they live happily ever after.

What’s funny to me is that this story line never gets old. It’s played out over and over again with every entertainment forum and it doesn’t slow down. That’s because we all need a hero.

Who is your hero?

When we think of Christmas, this question for a child may reveal, Santa. For an adult, maybe their parent or grandparent. For a person in the hospital, maybe a nurse or a doctor. No matter what the answer is, this emanates within our core of what we need.

Yet to me, the greatest hero is the one of Christmas and Jesus is it! He’s why we have this holiday. His imprint is felt and His legend grows with every passing day. He is worshiped and adored by more people now than ever before. His church is growing daily and His message is still the changing world one person at a time. His power is seen with the sick being healed, brokenness being mended and lives being changed.

But how exactly is He our Christmas Hero?

We see this in Isaiah 9:6 –

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

Notice the five aspects of His heroism.

1. Wonderful. This means He is Supernatural and can do anything for anyone. He is the miracle of life and He gives us hope and redemption. He is the miracle that changes everything for us!!

2. Counselor. It’s so cool that He will be the Counselor we need. He wants to advise us in matters of life, of the heart and more. He can resolve our turmoil, heal our past, present and future. He will also guide us into places of purpose and fulfillment. He says come for free! How amazing.

3. Mighty God. He’s the champion of Heaven and the champion of our lives. He can win any battle and defeat any foe. He’s undefeated and nothing is too hard for Him.

4. Everlasting Father means. This means that God is forever! His fatherhood is both for now and for eternity, yet daily He loves us. He is preparing a place for you and for me in Heaven as He forever loves us! We will see Him face to face forever and ever.

5. Prince of Peace. He is the Captain of our lives when we give our hearts to Him. Meaning, He is leading us through any storm and giving us great peace. Everywhere He leads, takes us is into His peace as He is the Ruler of it! He is the Prince of Peace and He gives it to us daily.

Which one do you need?

Whatever it is, call on Jesus. Ask Him to help you and He will come through. He is able to do these things for anyone. Nothing is impossible and because of that, the best is yet to come.

I pray this is a great holiday and that the Christmas Hero does something big for you.

Merry Christmas,

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