Fool’s Gold

Fool’s gold describes a yellow mineral which looks like gold but isn’t. Deceiving people as they thought they struck it rich, but in reality they had nothing. Can you imagine finding fool’s gold and thinking you’ve made it big but only to find that it was an imitation of the real thing? That would be deflating.

However, God never has fool’s gold.

In fact, God takes things that people think have no value and does something miraculous through it. I love this about God because He doesn’t go off face value or the things that other people think are important. He goes off the deeper truth of the heart and of the hidden treasure that is revealed from the inside out.

Sadly, fool’s gold can be a description of how some people view others. Thinking that they are an imitation of the real thing; therefore, having no value to share. This can be based off of clothes, money, looks, size and more. Just recently added to that list, is how many followers you have on social media. All these things and more can determine how someone views those around them giving them the basis of their ideology of fool’s gold or who is true gold. How fickle and ridiculous, yet I’m so glad Jesus is not like that!

Did you know God takes the foolish things and confounds the wise?

“This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.”

1 Corinthians 1:25

In this passage Paul is talking about how God uses the foolishness of preaching for his plan. He also discusses how God confounds the wise or human wisdom to prove who He is.

This is profound because people are the heartbeat of God and He chooses to put His treasure in them. Think about it; you carry the love of God, the mercy of God, and the power and the purpose of God. This is profound because we are flawed, imperfect and at times struggling with life. This and more are amazing grace as we don’t deserve it but He freely gives it to us.

When it comes to you, God sees the real thing. There is no fool’s gold in His kingdom and everything He touches has His name and mark. His plan is beyond our knowledge or even ability, but He chooses to do it through us so that we can give Him the glory. You are not a cheap version of His purpose. You are not a knock off version of His plan. You are not an imitation but rather you are His creation, made in His image and likeness. This is why the enemy is constantly trying to attack our identity and make us think that we have no value and that we are fool’s gold in life. But this is not true.

His plan for you is profound and it’s wiser than anything you could think of on your own. This is the beautiful thing about giving our lives to God. When we trust Him then His power, His glory, and His genius take shape in our lives. His plan is unstoppable and His grace is unlimited; therefore, you and I can do all things through Jesus who gives us strength. No matter our limitation and no matter our story God sees something of great value and a great treasure in our lives. Please don’t think of yourself as cheap, and please don’t think of yourself as having no value. This is a lie and God the Creator of the Universe views you as the real thing. He sees you as containing pure gold and His power rests on you.

He’s waiting to do the impossible through our lives and He’s ready to complete His plan that will bring out the true gold of His kingdom. This true gold is found in His forgiveness, His kindness, His mercy, His grace, His love, His acceptance and His new beginnings. This is where we find life. This is where we find meaning.

Please don’t let anyone belittle you or make you feel inferior. This is against the thought of God and I encourage you to oppose it! His work is real and His true gold is in you.

God loves you and I believe in you.

Move forward in your faith and let Jesus bring from your life, His true gold.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come.


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