It’s all Good, You’re Accepted

The need to be accepted is powerful and lifelong. Junior high and high school played itself out and for some we were accepted and for others we were rejected. Yet, the interesting thing is that this repeats itself as we get older in life. Some are accepted and some are rejected based on fickle things that mean nothing; therefore, the sting of rejection and the warmth of acceptance are very real.

However, because rejection is real it produces insecurities in us that show themselves in a variety of ways. People exhibit this, and sadly churches exhibit this too. Because of this our tendency is to evaluate others, compare ourselves to others, and we desire to be better than others. It’s from these reactions that people hurt people and the cycle repeats itself daily. This leaves us searching for a place to belong and it causes distrust toward others.

Have you been there?

Like you, I have and it hurts, especially when it comes from other Christians. Yet, through all of this, there is good news. We are accepted by God! This frees us from the quagmire of rejection, and leads us into the acceptance of Jesus.

The power of His acceptance is profound. This is because it’s not based on what we do or where we come from, but rather it’s based on what He did. We don’t have to prove ourselves or compare ourselves to have a spot with Him. So I say “It’s all good, you’re accepted.”

Look at what Jesus said in Matthew 11:28:

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Notice He says all of us who are weary and carry heavy burdens. Anyone can come to Jesus and He will receive them right where they are. It’s from this acceptance that we can let go of jealousy and all the insecurities that produce wrong thoughts and emotions. You and I can be confident that we have a place with God and that other people can join us because there’s plenty of room for everyone.

This is why acceptance is one of our core values at City Church. We make room for everyone because Jesus loves all us people the same. In fact, the church is the only organization in the world that should accept everyone that comes. Every other organization rejects someone. Think about it. That company doesn’t hire everyone. That sports team cuts someone. Colleges don’t receive everyone. Even fraternities and sororities eliminate some from being in the group but Jesus is different!

We come to Him rich and poor. We come to Him broken and addicted. We come to Him dirty and ashamed. But none of these things and more scare Him away. He has paid the price for us to be accepted so when we call on Him, we are His. Healthy churches understand this and accept people for where they are. Healthy Christians understand this and extend acceptance to those around them. Being healthy resists being dogmatic. Being healthy resists making people jump hoops to be a part. Being healthy allows people to belong before they believe.

I encourage you to receive His acceptance today for yourself. You can leave insecurities behind and you can be secure in who you are because God loves you. He has rest for your weariness. He has freedom from your burdens and He has healing for your rejection.

I also encourage you to give His acceptance away to others. You have something to give. You can make an impact in someone else’s life and it starts by extending acceptance to them. Whatever God has given you, give that away to the people around you. It’s what He asks of us and that’s what we can give for Him. I believe the gospel is simple, I believe Jesus is simple and when we do what He says, great things happen to us and to those around us.

It’s all good, you’re accepted!

You don’t have to prove anything and you don’t have to look a certain way. You just be you and let the God of heaven be real to your life. There is healing for all of us and it starts with His acceptance.

Finally, I encourage you to stay connected to a local church. Don’t disconnect and isolate based on a form of rejection you may have faced. Move forward with God and stay plugged in. Discover your place in the local church and begin to make a difference in the lives of someone else. This is how we grow and this is how we practice our faith on a consistent basis. Not only are you accepted, but you are empowered to do something for Him.

No matter what someone has said or done, “It’s all good, you’re accepted.”

I pray you would be healed and that you would find your place in God’s family. I pray any rejection against you, be turned into acceptance through you.

God can do something great in you!

The best is yet to come,

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