God, Counselors and Health

I believe that God is what we need!

His saving power, His amazing grace and His daily mercies are profound in our lives. He personally has changed me into a different man, and I’m so thankful for all He has done.

I also believe God can do anything!

There is nothing too hard for Him and He has the power and the ability to solve any issue in our lives. I’m convinced the God I serve can do the impossible. I’m convinced, He’s a way maker, a miracle worker and the hope of our days. Yes, He is what we need and I pray that today, you would receive more of Him and know Him in a real way.

Yet, I also believe in Counseling.

There is a stigma regarding our weaknesses and going to get help for them. Christians and non-Christians deal with a sense of embarrassment or failure when it comes to going to see a counselor. Yet, this is all wrong because God uses other people to help us come to a place of healing. We have to break this ideology that says, I don’t need anyone else, I don’t need counseling, and all I need is God. The God part is true, but we do need people, and we can benefit from counseling.

The levels of anxiety, depression, fear and suicides should awaken us to understand that so many of us have internal struggles. This is happening all over our country and all over the world; therefore, we need God and others more than ever.

Check out what James 5:16 says –

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

James 5:16

Notice, there is a confession to someone else that gives healing. When we do wrong it’s good to confess to someone. When we need help, it’s good to confess to someone. When we struggle, it’s good to confess to someone. This is a basic principle in the Bible; however, our pride can block us from moving forward.

This is a trick because notice, health comes from talking to someone. Jesus wants us to be healed in every way but we have a part to play.

We must come out of the shadows of silence and receive the support that we need. God loves us being healthy. Too many people suffer in silence wishing that it got better, but never taking the steps for it to be better. Living faith doesn’t deny issues but rather empowers us to face them. Living faith gives us courage to confront things in our lives and openly talk about them. These huge steps are how we grow.

I have benefited greatly from God touching my life and I’ve benefited from seeking help from counselors. These steps have provided new levels of health in my life and I believe they can do the same for you. Please don’t hide in embarrassment. Please don’t hide in shame. Please don’t hide in pride. This is your moment to come into the light and to live. Facing your fears, articulating what you feel and being honest are powerful steps toward healing and health.

Are you dealing with something today?

If so, please seek God with all of your heart. Please see someone you trust and be honest, so that health can be yours. Remember, to be forgiven, we confess our mistakes to God. To be healed, we confess to someone we trust.

I’m living proof that this works and I have no embarrassment in it. Be free today! Move forward today! Receive Jesus today!

He loves you and He accepts you!

Have a great week, God is with you,

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