He’s in the Details

Details are a big thing in our lives. They connect to our day-to-day responsibilities and to the big goals we have. Without them our desires can go awry, as details help set a course for where we want to go and how to get there. In fact, if we ignore details it can cause trouble in our lives.

Are you a details person?

Some of us are, and some of us are not. But no matter where we fall in that spectrum, the good news is that God is in the details. This should give us great comfort because God knows every aspect of our lives. He knows the small things and the big things. He knows the hidden things and the seen things. He knows what we’re giving to Him and He knows what we’re keeping from Him. And yet, His love is everlasting and He’s reaching for you and I with kindness, goodness and gentleness.

What details are you concerned about today?

There may be things that are troubling you, or maybe there are things that are making you fearful or anxious. Yet, no matter what, God is there. He’s able to do what we need Him to do. The Bible says it this way, “With God, nothing is impossible. However, it’s a struggle for all of us to trust that He knows all of these details.” This is a huge issue for us, as certain things we willingly give to Him and then other things we willfully keep from Him. This most of the time, is a trust issue. Somehow it’s easy to think that God doesn’t understand and that He won’t come through the way we want Him to; therefore, we tend to withhold things from Him.

The flaw in this, is that we are finite and He is infinite. He is the genius and He knows exactly what we need and He knows exactly what we want. Because of this, He knows the timing for our lives.

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

Psalms 37:23

Notice, we can trust in our God because He delights in every detail of our lives. He also directs the steps of the godly. What a great promise!

When we choose to give our lives to God, He directs our steps and leads us into places of safety, provision and purpose. Along this path, He knows every details of our lives and His desire is to fulfill us completely. God has no interest in us being unfulfilled and empty. Jesus said, “He came to give life and life more abundantly.” We must believe this! God has good things for our lives and it’s even His goodness that leads us to change wrong things. So as we think about this more and more, we can then give to Him those things that are troubling us because we know He is aware of every detail concerning our lives.

What details are you concerned about today?

I encourage you, to write these down on a piece of paper and then give them to God by praying them to Him. This is a prayerful and physical response to putting your trust in Him. He said, “He delights in every detail of our lives, so we must take a step and give Him a chance to be God in us.” Is it your marriage? Please write these issues down and then tell God you give Him your marriage. Is it your children? Write their names down and what is attacking them and give them to God. Is it your finance? Write down your need and tell God you give Him what you have.

It’s the steps of faith that make the difference. God is wanting to respond to you and to me. He is willing and able and yet it’s our faith that stirs Him to move.

No matter what you’re facing today, God knows every detail of it. And He knows exactly what to do and He knows exactly what you need. I pray His joy would feel you and I pray His peace would cover you. Jesus is for you and in Him the best is yet to come.

May the Lord bless you this week and may He prove, that He knows your details and He knows exactly what to do.

In the arms of a genius,

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