What Are You Hungry For?

Have you ever been asked, “What are you hungry for”? Usually this comes up when trying to choose a restaurant to eat at. If you’re like me and my wife, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision with all the choices that we have.

But when you’re really hungry for something you go after it.

All of us have different types of appetites. When we’re hungry some choose fast food like McDonald’s. Others choose popular spots like Chipotle and others choose Little Debbie at a gas station. But have you noticed, when we’re hungry we are determined to eat the food of our choice. Many times overcoming inconveniences to get what we want.

Have you ever done this?

Hunger is a part of our lives, as we were made to need sustenance daily. One meal will not satisfy our need; therefore, daily we are refueled by what we choose to eat.

This is a perfect picture of our spiritual journey with God. One touch from heaven will not do. We daily need fuel to live this life for Him. Yet, what we are hungry for determines so much of what we get through Christ. You see, just like when we’re hungry for a certain food we go after it, we search for ways to get it and we usually achieve that desire.

This is the same with God.

We must hunger for Him by pursing Him with our hearts. We must be determined to have more of who He is.

“God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.”

Matthew 5:6

Notice, we will be satisfied when we hunger for God. Meaning, when we press into Him we will get what we need. He always perfectly provides.

He is not like a restaurant that we think will give a good meal but when we go it disappoints. No, He is not like that! When we hunger and thirst for Him, we shall be satisfied in every area of our lives. I believe this! It may not happen in a day and it may not happen how we think, but God is faithful to be a promise keeper, and when we hunger for Him, He will fulfill our lives.

What are you hungry for?

All of us are hungry for something. It could be money, relationships, affection, acceptance, popularity and more. This is a part of our humanity. We are reaching for something to fill us, and while these things aren’t bad, they are incomplete.

Therefore, we must guard our hunger.

Have you noticed that our hunger can shift to different things? This is why we must guard our hunger for God and keep that hunger fresh throughout our days. Our hunger for God can be swallowed up by the hunger of other things and this is when those things can become wrong. We must keep God first, knowing that He is the source of all we need.

I encourage you, go after God with all your heart. Lay aside distractions and give Him everything you have. Live today as the moment He uses you. Let His presence fill you because in these places is where God shows us his greatness.

We don’t have to eat the same food every day but we do need food daily to survive. And God may not touch us the same each day, but we need Him daily to survive.

What are you hungry for?

If you want your hunger for God to grow, I invite you to join us at Refresh this coming Wednesday, the 17th, at 7 pm. I’ll be speaking more in this topic of how we can hunger for God every day and be filled with His presence. Come and get filled up!

I pray you would hunger for God. I pray you would burn with passion for him. And I pray your life would be fulfilled in every way.

May the Lord bless you and may He do great things in you!

The best is yet to come,

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