Help, People are Crazy!

Help, people are crazy! Have you ever said this? I bet you have. The truth is, the life are greatest challenge is relationships. The ebb and flow, the ups and downs and dealing with ourselves and others is a big deal.

In fact, how we handle this will determine so much in our lives. We have to make a decision to overcome and to live through love. But it’s easier said than done! All of us have been hurt, all of us have been let down, and all of us have been disappointed when it comes to relationships. This is the reality for everyone. Which is why God touching us and moving in us is important – so that we learn how to navigate people.

It is possible to thrive in relationships. They will never be perfect, and they will never be trouble free but, we can learn to thrive in them. I believe that God has made us to succeed and to do well in relationships because they challenge us to love like Him. This is where we have the most life change!

“Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.”

Ephesians 4:32

Notice, we are asked by God to love and to forgive others just as He has forgiven us. This is massive!

This is why relationships can propel us to becoming more like Jesus. And yet once again, this area is our greatest challenge in our lives. The devastation that can come from relationships is at times insurmountable. The damage to families, to friends and to churches can be overwhelming, and people may never recover. There is no doubt that regular people like you and me have been heartbroken many times over.

This is the product of sin and the fall of humanity.

And so, Jesus comes in and He models a new way. You and I have done so much wrong in our own lives, and yet Jesus paid the price for us. Once we receive Jesus we stand clean and right before God. This doesn’t make sense as we think about all we have done, but this is Grace through Him.

It’s from this perspective that we can navigate the people in our lives. This doesn’t change the fact that all of us can feel, “Help, people are crazy.” Yet when we look at situations through Jesus, we are commissioned to love and to forgive just as He has done to us. This is the basis and the foundation upon which we stand, and from this we can live in peace and love right.

A relationship that has been damaged may never return to where it was before. And that’s OK. The Bible doesn’t mention us having every relationship restored as they were before we were hurt. In fact, sometimes the relationships need to move on so that we can be stronger and healthier. God has no interest in you and me being hurt over and over and over again. His love and grace give us wisdom to know how to navigate the people in our lives so that we are healthy and strong. We know that we are imperfect, but you and I can walk in love which protects us and will show us how to navigate this huge area.

Is there someone you can forgive today? Is there someone you may need to move on from today? I encourage you when you feel, “Help, people are crazy,” Jesus will be there to help you walk it out step-by-step. Don’t be embarrassed to reach out for help. Let other people who are wise speak into your life and give you strategies to move forward. I encourage you, don’t let the entanglements, the hurts and disappointments rob you of fresh life and love in Jesus. Life is too short to live in bitterness and anger. God asks us to be peacemakers, and you and I can have it.

Nothing is too hard for God, and no matter how your heart feels, God is the healer. May you move forward and may you have all God has promised you. You can do it! God is for you, and who can be against you? Have a great week and may the Lord bless you more and more.

The best is yet to come,

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