Help, My Schedule is Crazy!

Is your schedule out of control? Chances are that you’re like me and so many others who weekly navigate a crazy schedule. It seems with all of the recent technology advancements, we are going at a faster pace than ever before.

From our work schedules, to family time, to kids sports and activities many of us are running around with a crazy schedule. Some of this is good, as we need to take advantage of the moments we have with family and friends, making memories and enjoying our time together. There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy work-ethic and doing our best in our careers. And all of us need hobbies to get away and to be refreshed. Yet, as we try to navigate all of these things at once, it seems that we are easily overwhelmed. This can lead us to screaming “Help, my schedule is crazy!”

The negative side to this dilemma is that our priorities can be out of order so that we don’t do what really matters versus doing things that don’t bring long term impact. This is so easy to do as we try to keep up with the pace that we’re running.

Have you noticed it’s easy to never turn off and relax? Our phones are constantly going with information uploads, emails, updates, and more. It’s like we never get away – and this leads to being overloaded and exhausted.

But God has something better for us!

God is concerned with every detail of our lives. He wants us to thrive in the things that we do. He created us to have these responsibilities and to do them well. The Bible says in 3 John 2 –

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”

3 John 2

Notice that God desires us to prosper in our lives. He wants us to be in health even as our souls prosper. This speaks to me of not only our faith but also the details of our lives and what we’re navigating with our schedules. God is concerned with this and He wants us to do it well.

I’m learning to do this better in my role and my responsibilities. It’s easy to lose days in a moment’s time. But I’m determined to handle my schedule with excellence that I may honor God, honor my family and honor my responsibilities. It encourages me and I hope it encourages you to know that God wants us to do life well. He has no interest in us doing things in mediocrity. He desires us to be the best we can be and His Holy Spirit is with us to accomplish this very thing.

So when it comes to “Help, my schedule is crazy!” Here are some steps to put into practice:

First, write out a priority list. This does a couple of things. It puts into view what is the most important things of each day. Then you can prioritize and walk those out to the best of your ability. It’s my belief, that our priority should be God, family, work and church. Therefore, I prioritize my time with giving to God first thing in the morning. Then I turn to my family. Then I focus on my work. And finally I’m connected to my church. This may seem simple, and I know there’s more to it than this, but a basic priority list can give direction and focus to the daily task at hand. God honors our efforts and he is a God of order. So when we take steps to have order, He will empower us to do it.

Second, have a set time to fulfill these priorities. Have a time for prayer and Bible reading every day. Have a time for family. Have a set time for work or responsibilities around the house. Have a set time for activities at church, like groups, volunteering and more. When we have set times it empowers us to think in steps versus trying to master 24 hours and juggle multiple things. This never works. Yet when we section out specific times we can focus on those times and give it our best and move onto the next thing.

I know this is easier said than done, but these two steps are helping me in a big way. In fact, it’s been easier for me to turn off at night since I know I have fulfilled my daily responsibilities. I know you can have the same.

I encourage you to take theses steps and move forward. God is concerned about the little and big details of our lives. He wants us to do this well and He wants us to prosper in it. God has joy, peace, love, grace and good things for us daily. He knows what we are juggling, yet I believe we can do this through Him. We can be inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit to go to a new level.

God gives us grace. No matter what your schedule is saying to you, take these two steps! God is for you & He will help you daily.

Help, my schedule is crazy! He’s knows & He cares. Nothing is impossible for Him!

Have a great week, and prosper in all you do.


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