Guess What? You Made the Team!!!

Being a part of a team is a big deal. All of us want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, but not all of us have made every team we’ve tried out for. Think about it. Every one of us have gotten cut from a sports team, rejected in the hiring process, or not made the cut for a Greek organization. If you think about it, so many groups and teams don’t accept everyone that comes to join. I bet you’ve experienced this in some way.

Almost every organization, team, institution, or other type of group does not accept everyone into their family. Not everyone is included on their team. This is a part of life, and every one of us experiences not making the cut.

However, Jesus is totally different!

You see, Jesus accepts everyone who comes to Him. He has a team that is undefeated. His team lasts forever, and it will reign with Him.

This is so cool, because His team is made up of people just like you and me. Some are rich, some are poor, some are famous, some are infamous, but we all are accepted through Him. Guess what? You made the team. You are a part of something bigger than yourself! You are a part of His church, His team, and His people.

“The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 12:12

Notice, this verse speaks to His body being made up of all of us. This means that each of us has a specific role to play. Just think of a sports team. Some players start, some come off the bench, some are medical personnel, some are coaching, and others are organizing things behind the scenes – but everyone benefits when the teams wins. This is the same in the body of Christ. Each of us has a role to play, and it doesn’t matter what that role is. Everyone is significant!

However, we get hung up with thinking that we do not have significance. Maybe we don’t have a lot of talent, or we’re not seen on the stage, or we don’t have a lot of money, or we don’t have a lot of ability, but all of this is wrong. You and I have worth because Jesus is on the inside of us. Do you know, that a handshake, a smile, helping with children, serving in the parking lot, being an usher or more has great power and great impact on so many people? We do not have to be sensational to be effective. In fact, I believe it’s the simple acts that are sensational to God. From these efforts peoples lives are changed.

Guess what, you made the team!

I hope you find your role and your place. Find out what you can give to this team, because everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Think about the times you didn’t make the cut. Think about the times you were not hired for that job. Think about the schools that didn’t accept you. Think about the groups that said no to you. But now, think about Jesus! He’s accepted you, He’s received you, He has put gifts in you, and you can do something great for Him!

This is where we find significance. This is where we find purpose. This is far greater than income, achievements and awards. Jesus gives us life’s purpose and life’s joy. You are a part of something great. Every day, every week, around the world people cross from death to life. Eternity is being forged in the lives of people as they receive Jesus. We have the great responsibility to show others who and how God is. And when we get in our role, we are showing that God is good! That He is love! That He is the Prince of Peace! And that He allows everyone to be on His team!

It’s my hope today, that you feel loved, accepted and wanted – because you are. Jesus has great things for you. At City Church, you are accepted and loved. At City Church, everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything’s possible. This is for you, and this is for me! Together we can see our families, our friends, and our city touched by the love of God. I pray you’re an active part of the team. And I pray you move forward and find your place, because you’re important and we can’t do it without you.

Have a great week and guess what: You made the team!

The best is yet to come,

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