Open Hearts and Happy Endings

I believe Open Hearts give Happy Endings!

Our heart is a powerful part of who we are. In fact, the Bible says with our hearts we believe in Jesus, and out of our hearts are all the issues of life (see Romans 10:9 and Proverbs 4:23). Think about what this means for you and me as we navigate life. It’s huge, and we have to steward it with discernment and grace.

From the beginning all God has wanted was our hearts. Since Adam and Eve, all the enemy has wanted was our hearts. This is the battle of all battles, because whoever has our hearts determines our course in life.

But why does God want our hearts?

Think of all the things He has and who He is, yet He searches for those who will give Him their hearts. It’s because our hearts reflect who we are. If He has that, He can do anything in our lives. Conversely, when the enemy shuts down our hearts, it causes us to miss our moments or possibly ruin family, friends and more. Therefore, we must know that the battle is over having a clean heart and a right spirit. When we cultivate this, our lives can fulfill their purpose.

Notice what Matthew 15:8 says:

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

Matthew 15:8

From this verse we see it’s possible to worship God but not have an open heart to Him. It’s possible to say it but not have it where it matters most. Our lives are changed when He captures our hearts and we humble ourselves before Him. Nothing more and nothing less, yet the battle that wages against us is strong, which requires us to be active in our faith.

When anyone comes to Jesus, it’s because their heart is open to Him, thus that person receives salvation. However, we must continually work to have an open heart, because so many things seek to come and shut us down. No one is immune to this.

So what are some things that can shut down our hearts? There’s lots. Being offended at someone or God. Allowing disappointment to get buried deep within us. Not forgiving someone or holding a grudge. Letting doubt our unbelief dominate our faith. Living in fear. Following religion or man-made rules verses following Jesus. Being dogmatic with points that don’t matter toward eternity. Thinking you’re better than others. Letting pride dictate how you treat people. Unconfessed sin or living in secret wrong. Isolating and rejecting help from others. Making excuses when God is asking for change. Majoring on minors. Being a critic of what and how others are doing something. Allowing negativity to be your first response. Lying to yourself and to others. Believing you are justified in acting wrong since you were done wrong. Blaming others.

These and many more are the plots of our enemy to disconnect our hearts from God, thus we miss the moments He wants to give. This is massive, and we all have to step through these things with Godly perspective so we overcome the schemes against us.

Please note, if our enemy can’t keep us from receiving Jesus, then he will try to shut down our hearts, to pollute us and distract us from what matters most – Him!

Just think about a moment when you opened your heart and you forgave someone. Or when you humbled yourself and let go, receiving more of God. You see, we all know when our hearts are open and we all know when our hearts are closed off; therefore, we must keep a tenderness to God which in turn gives us a tenderness for others. When this happens we are empowered for life-change.

When we have open hearts, we’ll have happy endings!

But how do we do this? I believe when we choose humility an open heart will follow. What if we would humble ourselves to God and to others today? What would happen? God gives grace to the humble. When it comes to life’s issues, humility goes a long way. If you think about it, pride is the core cause for a closed heart to anyone; therefore, the antidote is humility.

When we have open hearts, we’ll have happy endings!

Isn’t this what we want? This is what God wants for us. He will fulfill all His plans and purposes for our lives. I encourage you to humble yourself. Reach out to God as He’s reaching for you. Seek to be right with others even if it means you give up “being right” so the bigger picture is fulfilled. Too many of us live to prove a point but miss hearts. In the end that causes limited fruit.

God has better for us, and it begins with an open heart.

I believe in you, and God’s best is yet to come,


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