Faith, Jesus & the Big Idea

We need hope! If you look at all the tensions and issues facing us, it’s easy to see hope is a necessity right now. But what kind of hope? This is important to answer as hope can come in a variety of forms, like hope for more money, hope to find love, and hope of a bright future. All of these are good, and in fact needed, as we think of thriving in the daily grind of life. Yet there is more.

To me, this is found in Jesus.

He’s the centerpiece for what we need, and His heart and arms are reaching to people everywhere. He doesn’t reject or discriminate, but rather He forgives and accepts with grace and mercy. He is the hope that we all need.
He has the power to do anything in our lives.

Yet when we think of faith, Jesus and the big idea it’s easy to wonder – what is this all about?

This is because there is a temptation in His church to get off on tangents and to forget what His heart is. Jesus came to seek and to save all people who are lost. His mission was to give hope to the world that life could be different and that eternity would be lived with Him. This mission has shaken the world. Two thousand years later, His movement grows. People from every nation worship Him and His power is seen as He changes lives.

Yes, Jesus is real – which is why as Christ-followers we must be reminded what faith, Jesus and the big idea are so that we can be focused and effective.

“For God so loved the world that gave His only son, that whoever would be believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

From this verse we see His heart and purpose in all He does today, which is to reach more people! It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Faith, Jesus and the big idea are centered around hope of life eternal. Thus, we have purpose as we live today.

However, we have a part to play, so it’s incumbent on us to stay focused on what really is important.

Our faith is to shape us with a foundation to build our lives on. It is a road map that leads our convictions and actions in a way that practices what we say. But why? So that others see Jesus through us! Our faith should give us a heart for others and a compassion for what they face. Too many churches get away from this; therefore, Christ followers become critics of others instead of caring for others. When our faith becomes complicated, it’s because we’re looking at hurdles and rules instead of grace and mercy.

How we all need His grace and mercy daily!

Jesus is about people. He loved being with others and He changed their lives not by being dogmatic but rather through love and power. He gave mercy for mistakes. He gave healing for sickness. He gave forgiveness for sin. He gave hope to hopelessness. This Jesus is the same today & He’s wanting to do all of this through us as we copy Him.

Our role isn’t to be religious, but we are to give Him to others. Whatever He’s given to us is what we can give to and it’s what we should strive for.

The big idea is that His church/people reach out and do what He did to as many people as possible. Bottom line, this is about people, people and more people. Everyone and not just those like us; therefore, we love, we serve and we open our doors to participate in His big idea.

Isn’t this simple?

It is because Jesus doesn’t make it hard to come to Him. Religion does that, but we can be different and do better.

At City Church we are on a mission to make our faith, Jesus and the big idea clear and focused on what He wants – which is to get more people saved through Him. Particular doctrines, style, groups, dogmas, strident attitudes, elitism and more has to go. It has no part in Jesus, and our opportunity is too big and important to stoop down to nonsense.

People everywhere are reaching for hope. They know something is missing. Life has a way of revealing that. We have to move forward. We have to show Jesus and make our lives count for eternity.

I encourage you to keep this simple. Don’t get bored, don’t get dogmatic, and shake off any rust or disappointment. Let God arise in you and make a difference in someone’s life. Allow your faith, Jesus and the big idea to radiate through you.

I believe in you and I know God will use you in a great way.


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