Secure Insecurities

Have you noticed that everyone has insecurities? Yes, it’s true. No matter how someone appears or portrays themselves, they deal with this reality like everyone else. It’s crazy how humanity leans toward unfulfilled places and at the same masks true feelings almost daily. This is the routine we all can find ourselves in as we navigate us, others and life. When you think about it, this is a big challenge, because we all have our flaws. That’s why I always say “Hurt people hurt people.” Or we could also say that insecure people act out insecurities on other insecure people. This madness happens all the time, and we’ve seen it and done it ourselves more times than we can count.

What’s wild is, this issue is even bigger in church!

Yeah, church can bring out the actor in us so fast, you would think we could get an award for it. I’m kinda joking and kinda not, because I’ve seen this play out so much in my faith journey. In fact, I’ve been on the brunt end of insecure Christians, preachers and leaders who have imposed their stuff on me. Then I reacted in insecure ways. Have you been there like me?

Man, it’s discouraging when we face it because we’re made to feel something is wrong with us or that we don’t fit in or measure up. How sad. This cycle repeats itself way too much, and God has better for us. In truth, He’s the healer of our bodies, our minds and our souls. This should be celebrated equally as other types of healing. Jesus is the lover of our souls, meaning He knows who we are, what we feel, what we deal with and how we are wired, and yet His response to us is love. What amazing grace He gives to all of us.

However, we have a part to play in God healing these insecurities.

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3

This promise is huge because insecurities come from the broken places of our hearts which is why we push them onto others with our behavior, reactions and more. Yet, Jesus heals these things in our lives. Too many people are living by their insecurities which hinders them from relationships with others and even with God. But there is hope.

One of the greatest ways to be healed in our lives is to be humble and admit we are insecure.

I know this isn’t rocket science, but Jesus was simple and straight forward. He set us up to have all we need for life and life to the fullest here on earth and in heaven.

There is power in humility. It puts us in the position to receive what He has for us and to be changed in the process. This is why pride is such a powerful tool, because it connects with our insecurities. If we don’t humble ourselves, we’re blocked in His grace and mercy. This doesn’t mean we don’t have grace and mercy, but it does mean we’re not receiving all that He has. Pride does this (see 1 Peter 5:5).

But when we humble ourselves so much can happen in and through us. In fact, we can be at a place of Secure Insecurities. This means we’re at peace with God and ourselves. It’s here that we don’t live to prove something, but rather we live to prove Him to others. We choose to shine for Christ, so deferring to others is ok, not winning every argument is fine and when people seek to impose their insecurities on us, we don’t react in haste but rather in love.

While this is a challenge, it is a reality because of our healer; therefore, we must humble ourselves and let Him heal our broken hearts and bandage up our wounds. We must allow the lover of our souls to untangle the issues of our hearts, so we may do as much as we can for Him. This is possible because of God and Him alone; so reach up today. Receive today. Be humble today. Let Him restore your heart and be in a place of Secure Insecurities.

This is the way to live, as this is way to love,

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