Did you play on a Teeter-Totter growing up?

Almost every playground had a few, as they were a staple item at these areas for kids. We would play different types of games and see what we could do on them, pushing the limits of possibilities. Yet, time moved on and Teeter-Totter’s were a thing of the past as the level of our cool didn’t permit us to play on them any longer.

Remember these levels of cool?

If you were like me, cool was something to be, thus what we did or didn’t do was based on the rules of cool. It’s funny, looking back these ideas were shallow and short-sighted, but it’s a part of finding ourselves. However, there are aspects we experience that should never be forgotten, and one of them is the Teeter-Totter.

It’s good for us adults to play on the Teeter-Totter.

This speaks to our attitude more than a piece of equipment at a playground. It’s how we practice our faith – balancing the tension that comes with living through our daily routines. Most people find safety and commonality in all-or-nothing thinking. This appeals to our opinions. We like to rally around ideas that unite us with those like us. However, life isn’t always discovered this way, and our faith is the same.

You see, if the Teeter-Totter isn’t balanced right, it’s at extreme positions which don’t benefit anyone. This should be considered when thinking about our attitude and how we communicate truth. Too many times people are proving points and missing hearts. Too many times people are trying to win battles but in the end they loose the war. This is not the wisdom Jesus has for us.

Many aspects of our faith are balanced between two truths. For example, some are Calvinist and others are Amenian (feel free to look up the differences). From these two points it’s easy to be all-or-nothing in thought. In reality there is truth in both, and when we embrace that, the Teeter-Tooter can be balanced. There are too many topics to list in this blog, yet many churches and Christians plant their flag on points and they miss hearts and cut off those different than them. This breeds know-it-all ideas and a closed heart that can’t grow past what we know.

“The very essence of your words is truth; all your just regulations will stand forever.” (Another version says,) “The entirety of your word is truth.”

Psalms 119:160

From this we understand that all the word of God is truth, and we should be wise when putting together our beliefs; moreover, how we live them through our attitude. This is where we need to ask for wisdom (see James 1:5) and seek to have the heart of Jesus. Anybody can debate or argue but, this a low form of worship and it causes more harm than good.

Our main purpose is to love God and love people, thus we help others discover who He is. We are the light of the world and how we shine is determined by our attitude. Using the Teeter-Totter empowers us to be bridges to others, instead of burning bridges on moot points. Balancing the Teeter-Totter helps articulate Jesus so anyone can come to Him.

I encourage you to live our your faith this way. Don’t get caught up in dead end streets. Don’t plant your flag on a group but rather plant your life on Jesus and lead others to His grip. Our hearts were made to freely love and to freely give, so if anything hinders that, we should resist it and stay healthy in Christ.

Where are you on the Teeter-Totter?

Are you living with an all-or-nothing mind set on things that don’t matter? If so, you’ll find yourself either on the high end thinking you’re better than others, or you’ll find yourself at the bottom thinking defensively and trying to prove something. God has better for us! This is why it’s good for us adults to still use the Teeter-Totter so we are balanced in our attitude, and as a result we shine bright for Him.

May you daily enjoy balancing the Teeter-Totter,


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