What is My Reflection Saying?

What we are reflecting is important. The daily act of personal care, getting dressed, and good hygiene is a big deal in who we are and how we present ourselves. A first impression is the only we get, so the least we can do is do our best.

This is also speaks to respecting ourselves and others as we value social awareness of what’s going on around us. While this can be vain, there is a healthy dose of pride we need to maximize our opportunities and to appreciate others in our lives. All of this is giving a message, and it’s either drawing people to us or repelling them from us.

Haven’t we all experienced this?

But while this is true for our daily lives and responsibilities, it’s even more true with our faith. “What’s my reflection saying?” speaks to the tenor of our attitude, and this speaks louder than our words. Whatever we are reflecting is the essence of how we are communicating Jesus to those around us. Think about that. This is why “What’s my reflection saying?” is the question we all should be asking consistently in our lives.

In truth, it’s a challenge to treat others as Jesus treats us.

But this is the command we have from Him. It’s the standard which our refection should communicate, so others see the real thing. There are a lot of Christians who have a bad attitude, pick fight, are arrogant, judgemental, or know it alls. They can tend to be closed off, angry, self seeking and all or nothing statements that burn bridges instead of building them. The reason why people see Jesus this way is because it’s the reflection Christians can give, and this is too bad.

Christ followers must be intentional with keeping the main thing the main thing – and that is Jesus. They will not know us by our theology, our politics, our music style, church style or pet beliefs that cause us to hunker down in certain groups. No, they will know us by our actions (see Matthew 7:20). We have to fight to stay focused on Jesus so we reflect Him with grace, kindness, goodness, power and hope. While this is basic, it’s something that is battled daily in our lives. Therefore, we must answer the question, “What’s my reflection saying?”

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

Matthew 5:16

Think about the simplicity and power of this verse. Jesus says our good deeds will glorify Him and lead people to Him. Wow! The purpose of the church and every Christian is pretty simple: Show others Jesus so they can receive Jesus. What if we all would do this daily? What would happen if we had the awakening that He uses our lives, our minds, our faces, our voice to show forth the light into the darkness?

I believe we would let go of petty arguments and criticisms of what should or shouldn’t be happening and we would be reaching more people for Him. The is not hard; Jesus is pretty amazing! All we have to do is reflect Him accurately so others can see Him. How awesome, that we are called to lead others from darkness to eternal life in Christ. There is no greater miracle.

This is why one of City’s core values is growth. Lots of times you’ll hear me say “We count people because people count,” because there is no other mission for the church! Go lead others to Jesus and because of this command, it’s important that we account for what He says is important. In fact, it’s so important to Him that He died and was raised to life so others could have His life. This is hope. This is grace. This is love! This is Jesus, the answer for everyone.

So, what’s your reflection saying?

Look, we all have bad days and tough times. Trust me, I don’t always hit the mark (ask the guys I play basketball with). However, I’m not talking about bad days and our imperfections, I’m talking about our attitude. Our demeanor. Our view of others. This determines what our reflection is saying. So I encourage you, remember where God has brought you from. Allow His passion for people to fill you and then do your best to reflect Jesus everyday.

You’re called to more and you’re called to influence. Give em’ Jesus and let His love reflect through you.

Have a great week and may God use you wherever you go,

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