Prayer, Answers & Timing

Waiting can be difficult. Have you noticed?

It seems this intensifies when we want something really bad, only to find it not coming when we want it to. In this place, discouragement can overwhelm us with thoughts of doubt, leaving us confused and wondering, “When?” This happens because we assume that delay is denial, since we see things through time and through the lens of when we need or want something.

Yet patience can have it’s perfect work in our lives.

I know we don’t like that statement, but in truth, God is always working for our good. He’s bringing our answers to pass. In the waiting we gain so much, that our faith can blossom into stronger places of hope and trust; therefore, we see Him as our prize. This is why His timing is not ours and why this is a part of our faith journey. We can come to the point where all we want is Him and anything else He gives is a bonus to what we already have.

So how do we navigate prayer, answers and timing?

After all, it’s these things can create a lot of tension for Christians as we process what He’s doing and the speed at which He’s doing it. Too many people stop praying, they stop believing and they stop hoping that God can and will, and that’s sad. Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He’s reliable and steadfast to do all He has promised. We can’t afford to give up. We’re one prayer away from a miracle!

Notice in Matthew 7:7 Jesus says,

“Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you.”

Matthew 7:7

He’s giving us an insight to this area of our faith and it takes persistence on our part. We must receive the understanding that God works with what we give Him: our faith. This is not automatic, and we don’t just sit waiting for Him to do everything. We take steps of faith towards Him, and when we do, we are giving Him something to use toward our answers. This principle is seen throughout the Bible with stories of God asking people to do something so He could release something to them. It’s the same for you and me today.

So first we have prayer. Jesus said, “Ask.” This is an action word, and it describes a progression toward Him. Asking is easy, and we do this daily. This is the initial step of talking with God. Asking something of God empowers Him to give it to us according to James 4:2, so we must do this consistently. I encourage you to write out your requests and pray over them daily. Remind yourself of what you’re asking so you’re expecting what He’s bringing your way.

Second, we have answers. Jesus said to seek. This implies searching for Him and worshiping Him. It’s another step toward Him that takes us into a place of personal connection with Jesus. I believe it’s here that we can gain understanding of what He’s doing, which gives us peace and the ability to know Him more. I encourage you to be hungry for God. Worship Him privately, go after Him with all you got, and give Him a chance to go deeper in you. Ask Him about what He’s doing while you’re waiting, and receive peace and joy in the process.

Third, we have timing. Jesus said to knock. This speaks of determination. It’s a consistent knocking at the door asking, seeking and believing this door will be open. Luke 11:1-11 reveals this truth. When we knock and do not give up, we will receive. It’s good to know that God is NOT keeping the door shut on purpose to teach us a lesson. Rather our asking, seeking and knocking are making way for the answer to come. The Bible tells us there is resistance to what we’re asking, and many times our delay is connected to the enemy trying to block it. Other times, God is bringing other things into place so when He does answer our prayers it’s touching multiple areas of our lives.

He has a complete picture for us. He has fulfillment for us, so when we are seeing only one thing, He’s seeing all that connects to us and how He’s making them work for our good. We must remember this, as it’s easy to be absorbed in a couple of things when He’s thinking about all things regarding us. He’s a genius and He knows how to bring all things to pass. He knows how to empower us to break through any resistance.

Today, prayer, answers and timing are working in your favor! Don’t stop, don’t quit. Keep going day by day and let Jesus bring to pass all He has promised. Stay connected to others, ask for support, reach out in hope and let His peace guard your heart and mind.

I believe in you and the best is yet to come,


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