4 Promises in Fasting

I’ve heard nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for what’s to come. I believe this is a parallel truth in other parts of our lives. It’s a pattern that we can emulate as we see the ripples touch our lives when first things are kept in priority. This is why I believe that January is the most important month of the year, as it has the potential to give alignment and clarity for what’s to come. Just think about all that begins in January. Resolutions are made, gyms fill up, diets are started and goals are set, yet how many are followed through? Starting isn’t hard, it’s staying focused and finishing that is. However, God has big plans for each of us and His strategies are given so we can have confidence in what’s ahead and diligence to walk it out.

A great way to start the year is with prayer and fasting.

This spiritual truth has an amazing impact on us spiritually and other areas, too. It’s biblical (see Matthew 6:6,16) and the results reach far and wide. In this blog I want to encourage you with four specific promises (there are more) that come to us when we take time for prayer and fasting. Because we know that God doesn’t discriminate, we can be assured that these promises are for us. No matter what you are facing, what you are feeling or what seems to overwhelm you, God is greater and He can do something about it.

It is important to remember that fasting doesn’t earn anything from God, nor does it twist God’s arm to do what we want. Yet prayer and fasting does align us with Him to be in a place to receive what He has for us. We should have faith that prayer and fasting evoke the hand of God to move on our behalf. So be encouraged – He hears your prayers, He sees your heart and He knows what we need. He is great and the undefeated Champion of Heaven.

Because of who He is, we can trust these four promises to be true.

“Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?”

Isaiah 58:6

These promises are directly linked to prayer and fasting; therefore, when we do this, somehow God releases these through our faith. Be confident these are for you.

First, He loose bonds of wickedness. This speaks to our freedom and deliverance. We can see bonds (chains) of wickedness go from our lives and go from the lives of those we are praying for. This could be habits, attitudes, illness, patterns that we haven’t broke and more. Jesus has come to free us and our homes from all wickedness. It has to bow it’s knee to Jesus. Is there any wickedness you want to see go from you or your family? I encourage you to write it out, pray over it daily and see it go by the touch of God.

Second, He will undo heavy burdens. This speaks us being lifted and freed from heaviness and loads too heavy to carry. In fact, Jesus said He would take away our heavy burdens. This speaks to worry, anxiety, struggles, uncontrolled emotions and more. We have the promise that Jesus will lift this from us and give peace instead. Are you carrying heavy burdens of any kind? He is able and willing to do something great with you.

Third, the oppressed go free. Oppression can comes physically, mentally, emotionally and more. It can touch all parts of our lives yet the promise is freedom. No matter what has come against you or your family, oppression will leave in Jesus’ name. Prayer and fasting evokes this authority. If you are facing any oppression, I encourage you to write it down. Pray about it. Let your heart reach up to God, and believe that He will give freedom to you.

Fourth, every yoke is broken. This speaks to bondage or strongholds you are facing. Yet Jesus is great enough to free you and deliver you or anyone else. No matter what type or shape the yoke is, our God is greater. When you pray and fast there is a connection for your breakthrough. Is there a yoke you are under? Again, write it down, pray about it and believe it will go in Jesus name. Let your faith expand as you have time of prayer and fasting.

Through these four promises God is using our faith through prayer and fasting. You may be praying for yourself or someone else, but you are a conduit for His power. He empowers us to work through Him as we do this. Which of these promises are believing for? Which of these promises do you know someone needs? During this prayer and fasting be specific. Let God reveal Himself to you. His desire is to be the glory and lifter of your head.

I pray this is the greatest year of your life and that your prayers are answered in Him.

Happy fasting and the best is yet to come,


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