Who You Kissin’ When the Ball Drops?

This national tradition for the New Year is practiced all over the country. It speaks to hope, fun and love. People everywhere celebrate with their spouses or they try to seek out someone they like to get a first kiss as they start anew. This is a big deal, and many people make big plans for who they will kiss when the clock hits midnight. Yet if we look deeper into our need for hope, fun and love we see how big these three things are for our lives. In fact, we need and thrive on these things as we navigate our daily routines and responsibilities, especially as the grind of life can wear us down. No one is exempt from this; therefore, when hope, fun and love hits our lives we can feel the difference.

However, what’s the best way to have hope, fun and love?

This is huge as everyone is reaching for these things in a variety of places. Too many of us seek them in ways that make the needs unfulfilled and empty. This is where hopelessness comes in and the overwhelming sense of loss takes over. It’s dangerous when we don’t have hope, fun and love as this leaves us susceptible to illusions of happiness that only leave pain and hurt in its wake.

But this subject gives more confusion than we’d like to admit, as those who don’t follow Christ think hope, fun and love means do what they want, when they want. Or they think it’s found in the temporary, so they live life for the moment. Then those who are Christ followers tend to be weird about hope, fun and love – especially fun. They have a hard time enjoying life and connecting with those different than them. To me, too many Christians limit their “fun” to going out to eat! No wonder we’re got unfulfilled relationships with in our lives! Don’t get me wrong, I love food, and there is nothing wrong it. But Christians can enjoy hobbies, trips, sports, concerts, movies, vacations and more. I’ve seen too many people merely existing when God has come to give us hope, fun and love.

So, who you kissin’ when the ball drops?

This question speaks to a deep truth. Did you know that this not only speaks about our love life but it also speaks of who we worship? Some people choose to “kiss” money, sex, popularity, promotion, or other things. They choose to “kiss” themselves as they live for only self. Others kiss idols made by men, seeking what they want but never finding what they need. However, when they “kiss” the right person everything changes.

“Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way. When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.”

Psalms 2:12

Notice the first three words of this verse, “Kiss the Son.” This speaks of Jesus and kiss speaks of worship. One of the words for worship is kiss, which speaks to our faith and allegiance. This of course, is not soulish but spiritual and above our infinite understanding, thus we don’t have to be weird about gender we say Kiss Jesus; it’s deeper than that.

Everyone worships someone or something. It’s a heart need, and an issue that all people express in different ways. But when we come to God, our fulfillment comes when we worship Him, making Him the Lord of our lives. Supernatural things take place when we take this step. It brings life change! It’s always been about Jesus; therefore, our hearts cry is to worship Him in spirit and in truth (see John 4:24). This is what the Father is looking for: people who will lay down their hearts at His feet. When we worship Jesus we are kissing Him with our hearts and we are empowered to become like Him.

We must remember, we become what we worship!

This is why people are left empty when they worship money, sex, a person, or other stuff – because it doesn’t have ability to satisfy or fulfill. Only Jesus can do this. When we worship Him all these other things come into our lives right order and perspective. He is the missing piece of our lives and without Him we don’t have it, but with Him, we have all we need. Hope, fun and love are a part of who Jesus is and what He brings to our lives, so it’s incumbent we worship Him and place Him as first priority.

Who you kissin? when the ball drops?

It may be your spouse, a friend or a date, but don’t forget to worship Jesus. Start 2018 with your focus correct and your heart lifted in faith. Let hope, fun and love flood your soul through Jesus and what He does. Determine to set your faith that this will be the best year of your life and that you will be aligned to receive it. Please know, we don’t control or manipulate God but we do align ourselves with Him to receive what He has. We know from scripture that He speaks daily, He blesses daily, He gives us things daily and He thinks about us all the time; therefore, our part is to be ready to have what He gives.

The best is yet to come, and He has good plans for you. Keep going, keep reaching, keep praying and determine to worship Him daily. He is with you and He is doing great and mighty things today. I hope your New Year is amazing and that your heart is full with expectation for what’s next.

Have a great 2018, and the best is yet to come,

– PD

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