Stop, Drop & Laugh

Have you noticed how busy it seems everyone is? The standard answer for the question “how are you doing” is “good, and busy.” I’ve heard this more times than I can count, and I’ve used this myself. There is no question that we have more convenience than ever before and yet we busier than ever before. Our attention is constantly pulled in several directions, which tends to drain us of emotional and mental energy. While our technological advancements have been amazing, it feels like we’ve allowed them to overwhelm us too. This is not a complaint, but rather an observation at my own life and those around me, that I wonder – are we missing things happening around us daily?

When I think about all that happens in a day, week or month, it’s huge. The big things stick out as major events, but it’s the small things that get overlooked or even ignored. With this pattern at play, it’s easy from our perspective to see things as half-empty, thus we feel frustration and agitation with life. A lot of us are overloaded, and that can cause us to miss moments and rob us of joy.

However, we can live better.

We do not have to be overwhelmed, stressed or distracted. In our busyness we can have peace, joy and happiness. God is with us, and He desires to give us wisdom in what we do and in how we do it. This blog is not to abrogate us from responsibility but rather to embrace it, and have fun doing it. Life is too short for us to be lazy and do nothing. Life is too short for us to be mad, sad and drained all the time. I know many are dealing with major situations that don’t give peace or joy; however, I do believe that in all that we walk through, God is greater and He can lift us in it and through it by His love.

This is why I believe it’s powerful to practice the phrase, “Stop, Drop and Laugh.”

“You are good and do good; teach me Your statutes.”

Psalm 119:68

Notice, God is Good! He is completely good all the time and His plans for us are better than anything we can imagine. He’s planned for us, He’s destined us and He’s made a way for us. He’s amazing and He loves us all the same and He has power to heal our hearts and lives. For this reason it’s good when we Stop, Drop and Laugh.

First, Stop. I believe it’s a great thing to Stop and thank God for all He has done. When we remember what He has done, it builds us up to believe the best for what is ahead. This helps us to lead our perspective into places of thanksgiving and gratefulness on a daily basis. This is huge, since we have so much coming our way that seeks to take our joy away. What isn’t happening, what is frustrating, what is challenging and more. But when we Stop, our attitude is lifted into a place of joy. I encourage you to Stop this week. Let God arise through your thanksgiving, lifting your burden, lifting your view and lifting your perspective. He inhabits the praises of His people and He will come close to where you are. Be intentional this week and Stop.

Secondly there is Drop. It is powerful when we Drop on our knees and worship and pray. While we don’t have to be on our knees to pray, there is something powerful when we do. It symbolizes humility, honor, reverence, and worship before our God. It’s a place of less of us and more of Him and when that happens, God things happen. I encourage you to Stop and thank Him, then Drop and pray to Him. Let Him flood you with peace, faith and joy. The Bible says, “When we ask, we receive, when we seek, we find and when we knock, the door will be open.” (Matthew 7:7) Don’t let discouragement rob of getting on your knees. Don’t let the delay in your life, take you away from His heavenly life on a daily basis. The greatest days are ahead, so Drop and give Him a chance to do something great in you.

Third, Laugh. A merry heart does good like a medicine. It’s great to laugh and we need more of it. Laughing has an impact on our health in a complete way. I believe laughing also refreshes our spirit. There is freedom in laughing and I encouraging you to do it. Find something, read something or watch something that helps you to laugh and enjoy life. I have things I watch on purpose to do this. It does us good when we enjoy life and those in it. This is a blessing from God so why not enjoy it and let our heart be full. It’s my belief that religion wants no laughter as it seeks control and to stifle others. But where there is freedom, laughter, joy and peace follow. Let that be your story today!

Life is too short to be so busy that you don’t Stop, Drop and Laugh. God is too big for us to miss these moments but it’s our job to receive embrace them.

When was the last time you Stopped and thanked God? When was the last time you Dropped and prayed? When was the last time you laughed enjoyed life?

I ask you to take time this week and do all three. Make this a part of your life and watch what happens.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come,

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