Step Out & Don’t Look Back

Life gives us many opportunities that come in small and big ways. When big opportunities show up, they can produce the most profound moments of a lifetime. I believe we must seize the day and face tomorrow with hope and faith that the best is ahead. This takes daily effort. In fact, it takes tremendous effort to stay the course and not lose our sight of what God can do through us. Many things can get in our way through the course every day that tempt us to retreat from the childlike wonder of what can happen in our lives. In truth, many have given up and go through the motions because they have been tattered by issues of life. But there is hope!

Therefore, we must be challenged by God when he says “Step out and don’t look back.”

This is a principle throughout scripture that challenges our faith by leading us into the unknown. Yet the unknown in Christ is a not step into darkness but rather a step into the light. God asks nothing of us that He hasn’t already prepared the provision, opportunity and end result. Our job is to step out and not look back. When we make this decision, we smack fear in the face, we overcome ourselves, and we triumph over a trumped foe. Notice I mentioned he is already trumped, but it’s our job to enforce the enemies defeat in our lives. We do that when we “Step Out and Don’t Look Back.”

To do this, I must believe that God’s plan for my life is better than mine.

That statement is a big step, because we think we have the best intentions for ourselves and that if we don’t get things our way, we won’t “get it.” But that’s a lie. The reality is, when I humble myself and give God my life, I gain access to His infinite plan, power and ability. From this, I gain the ability to conquer what tries to conquer me and to defeat what is trying to defeat me. This is truth for all of us as we face an inner-me that tries to stop Gods plan, but God is greater and He’s calling us to “Step Out and Not Look Back.”

Notice in Joshua 1:9 He says,

“This is my command, be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

This is our Step Out and Not Look Back commission, and it’s comforting that God is with us every step of the way. Yet while I’m writing this, I know it’s a daily challenge for everyone. We can do this in Jesus! Life is too short to live in “what-ifs.” We have to step out. We have to seize the moments that come our way. We have walk into the unknown and discover the light of His glory on the other side.

What is God calling you to Step Out and Not Look Back from?

The answer ranges vastly for each of us, but the opportunity is the same. Step Out and discover something new. Shrink back and live in regret. No matter if it’s relational, spiritual, financial or other, God is with you. Some say, “I can’t afford to take that step,” but I would say,”You can’t afford not to take that step.” The price of caving into fear is too heavy for anyone to carry. Thats why some have given up and are coasting. As a pastor, I’ve seen both the beginning of a life and the end of a life, and it’s interesting the stories of those who lived in regret verses those who lived taking chances. In the end, what matters is the contribution we gave and left to those around us. It’s about how we impacted others. We must Step Out and Not Look Back.

God has fulfillment for us. He has a completed plan, and He has imaginations that supersede our own. He is the lover of our souls, giving us life in our bodies and purpose in our spirits. He has an outcome of victory, accomplishment and love. It’s our moment to live in the moment. It’s our chance to take a chance. It’s our time to redeem the time and see what He can do through us.

The greatest adventure of a lifetime is a life of faith, trusting God, giving love to others and believing His plan is better than our own.

I encourage you to Step Out and Not Look Back.


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