Who’s the Boss?

Who’s the Boss? This simple question impacts our lives from childhood into adulthood, and it crosses into multiple areas. We have all been around a bossy person in the form of a sibling, friend, spouse, employer, etc? and it’s not fun. In fact, these experiences mark our lives. Being around a bossy person can skew our vision and dictate how we respond to leadership. Whether good or bad, we are influenced by others. Thus, the question Who’s the Boss has massive implications on our lives.

The current lack of leadership is an epidemic in our culture and infecting a variety of genres. Families, businesses, schools, sports and churches are feeling the effects of this trend. Fewer and fewer of us welcome honest input or correction in love. Because we are not willing to have mature conversations about hard topics, the hope of younger generations is jeopardized. In fact, this fear to share an opinion is creating a pattern where no one can be candid in offering feedback, correction, or direction without the recipient being offended. In such situations, people withdraw and try to do life on their own with no guidance or with people that say what they want to hear. As a result, many are wandering from place to place, never finding peace or identifying their God-ordained purpose for their lives. This is sad.

Who’s your Boss?

Some are quick to say, “I am” or they say, “no one.” This question is a very personal one as it probably depends on our personal histories with other people. Just asking the question can stir up deep emotions and lead us to make poor decisions. The truth is, if we try to do life from our past, we will be blind to our future. We can’t see ahead of us clearly when we are looking backwards and forming decisions based on past experiences. This is especially true when the sting of a disappointing situation is still with us. Although we inherit our resistance to leadership as a product of our humanity, God can turn that resistance into purpose.

We must understand that when we are under Godly leadership, we are under the leadership of God. If we are not under Godly leadership, then we are outside of the leadership pattern of God. This is a Biblical principle that will stand the test of time. Of course, all leaders are imperfect, and they do not have all the answers. But this is no excuse to disobey God’s plan for our lives. Unfortunately, there are bad leaders, fallen leaders and insecure leaders. These types of leadership breed bad things including people who are hurt in the process. No one should be abused, used or maligned especially in the church, and when it happens, it’s upsetting. Such behaviors give reason to those who are the victims of such behaviors to pull away and isolate themselves, but there is a better way.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.”

1 Peter 5:6

When we have a humble heart and an obedient heart, God will lead us to safe and healthy leadership. Our part is to humble ourselves under the hand of God so that we receive all He has for us.

Who’s your Boss?

Are you resisting Jesus with a hardened heart toward leadership? It’s time to come to Him for healing and clarity so that you fulfill what He has ordained for your life. It’s also time to clean out all the confusion so you take advantage of opportunities to walk in your destiny. Many times the will of God is not discovered or obeyed because we are resisting leadership in our lives. We miss moments of destiny by being a lone-ranger. Please don’t do this. Avoid this tendency. Instead, move forward and humble yourself and receive what God has for you! Let God be the boss of your life as you follow His plan! Tackle your fear, your distrust, and your past experiences, and get rid of the blinders hiding your future because the best is yet to come!

You can do this, and we believe in you!


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