Stay in the Right Seat

Having a personal seat is a big deal.

When we first begin school, where we sit is important, and if you remember, where we sit speaks about us. For example, those in the front row were the smart kids, the ones ready to learn, answer questions and be engaged. Those in the back rows were the kids who acted up, made people laugh and even got in trouble. This scene plays out over and over again as “Staying in the right seat” speaks loudly.

What’s funny is this same dynamic follows us into high school, college and into our professional lives. It also goes into church. This can almost be dangerous, as a lot of people think they own their seat, that row and that section of the church. Watch out if you sit in their seat, because you may get their wrath! Have you been there before? I know I have. If you get the death–look from someone at church and you’re trying to worship, it could be because you are in the wrong seat.

But where we choose to sit is saying so much more than just that. It speaks of belonging, having friends and feeling accepted, which is massive for all of us. Our seats speak of who we want to be around and how we feel with them. Comfortability is a huge as we all can feel if a room is ice cold with resistance or warm with acceptance. We’ve all walked into a room as the new person trying to find the right seat as we look across the faces for an open smile, look or gesture, seeking to have the right seat. This is something we inherently look for and need throughout the entirety of our lives.

This idea reaches past our physical seat and represents our spiritual position.

You see, staying in the right seat reveals not only our place but also our position. When we come to Christ, we transition from lost to found. From rejected to accepted. From survival to royalty. This is who we are in Jesus. However, the battle to walk this out is daily. There are many forces seeking to remove us from the right seat. These forces want to rob us of our acceptance, our royalty and of our place in His Church. If they have their way, they will distract us with petty arguments about doctrine, style, function, church size and more. They will lead us into making points about how we are right but all the while missing hearts of those around us. This plays out more than we admit as it’s the same old trick to lead us away from our right seat.

However, when I understand that He’s provided my seat, it empowers me to stay in the right seat.

Notice these verses that speak of our seat in Song of Solomon 3:9-10:

“King Solomon’s carriage is built of wood imported from Lebanon. Its posts are silver, its canopy gold; its cushions are purple. It was decorated with love by the young women of Jerusalem.”

Song of Solomon 3:9-10

This verse is historically speaking of King Solomon and his royal seat which he would travel in along the ancient roads. Yet this also speaks of our seat in Jesus. Each part of the seat was defined by the material it was made of, along with the color. Each of these details has spiritual revelation. For example we see silver posts, a canopy of gold and purple cushions. But notice the last detail mentioned: it was decorated, or other versions say filled, with love.

To stay in the right seat speaks of walking and living through God’s love. It’s the love of God that changes everything and gives us everything in Christ. His unconditional love melts our hearts and frees us from ourselves and others. It lifts us from the past and gives vision to our future. It’s His love that covers a multitude of sins and it’s His love that gives us Jesus. So this explains why we are fighting daily to stay in the right seat. Those other seats we are tempted to sit in are religion, anger, lust, unforgiveness, lying, jealousy, fear, racism, deflecting, denial, addiction and disappointment. The enemy’s tactic is to first lead us away from the main thing; Jesus. He then causes us to engage in petty arguments about doctrine, style, function, church size and more. Getting caught up in these arguments will lead us into making points about how we are right but all the while missing hearts of those around us. The whole time, we are being led further away from the right seat (which is close to Jesus), to the back row, far from Him. Sitting in these other seats will completely derail us.

Please hear me, this happens more than we want to admit.

Stay in the right seat! Make your faith about Jesus and then give Him away to as many people as you can. Stay in the love of God, knowing that every day you will be tempted to sit in another seat. When you stay in the right seat of the love of God, the enemy is dumbfounded. He is weak. He is powerless. He is defeated.

Paul said in Galatians 5:6,

“Faith works by love.”

Our greatest faith will always come from and through the love of God. And since it’s our faith that touches God, staying in the right seat of His love is paramount for our lives.

What seat are you in today?

I encourage you to sit close to Jesus. Keep your heart and arms open to God. Let His Spirit fill you so you can overcome yourself and to overcome conflict with others. Our time is too short to be in the wrong seat. Don’t settle for it! Instead, go where God wants you to be.

Have a great week, and may you stay in the right seat,


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