Better Than Money?

What’s better than money? In our culture, we are constantly seeking money to find value and purpose.

In general, we know that money cannot provide all we need, yet we find ourselves easily tempted by its allure. The constant challenge is in comparing our immediate present with the circumstances of others.

I want to be clear that money is NOT bad. In fact we need it to function, pay bills and to fulfill the plan of God. We should have goals, dreams, budgets and more to maximize what we have now and for the generations to follow.

However, money is not the final answer! Jesus has insights to financial blessings along with treasures that fulfill our soul from the inside out.

So what’s better than money? Proverbs 3:13-18 tells us the answer!

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.”

Proverbs 3:13-18

Notice, according to God, wisdom and understanding are better than money, as they can give us more than just things. The rest of the verses detail what happens when we receive wisdom and understanding in our lives. Here are three things that happen:

The first is long life. We have the promise that as He gives us wisdom and understanding we will have long life. This connects to our diet, our lifestyle, and our attitudes along with our choices. He has a plan to prosper us in all areas of our lives. The best is yet to come as we walk with Christ, receiving what He has for us. Long life is a promise from heaven! Contend for it! Believe it! Let His wisdom and understanding show you what to do.

The second is riches and honor. Notice that when we have the source, He gives us the resources to fulfill our purpose! Christ’s wisdom and understanding empowers us to receive the resources we need. He also will lead us to live a life that is honored and respected. Who doesn’t want that? Allow Heaven’s wisdom and understanding to lead you in finances, in important decisions and in giving. You will receive and be honored!

The third is paths of peace. This has value beyond words! We can have the peace of God and we can have peace with God. It’s important that we have peace in our emotions, in our actions and in our decisions. His wisdom and understanding empowers us to walk these paths of peace daily in our lives. Money can’t buy peace, yet peace can lead us into His blessings!

When we have Christ in the right priority, these things will come to us. He leads us into blessings beyond our imagination.

Be encouraged today! Be bold and ask Christ for His wisdom with understanding as He propels you into these promises.

This is what’s better than money!

Something great is happening!


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