Race, Hope and Love

The recent events in our country illustrate the gap we have regarding race. It has stirred fiery debates, disagreements and division. It seems the more these occurrences happen the more divided our country becomes concerning race, politics and social issues. Some use their platforms to place blame and others use it to point fingers. This causes people to make points but not make a difference. It’s easy to argue points but in the process we are missing hearts!

There is no question we have disparity within many areas of our nation. Admitting this does not demean America but rather it draws attention to the crisis we face. It’s possible to honor something but realize it’s flaws at the same time; therefore, our moment is now to face the truth so it can be changed.

Jesus modeled a life of humility and power that melted hard hearts and turned lives around. He touched the core of issues within a person to bring them into a relationship with Him. He reached across racial lines going against the normality of His day for a greater reality to be established. Because of what He did, I believe He connects race, hope and love together!

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”

John 13:34

Notice the barometer of our love is to show love and give it away just as He does to us. The expectation is to love all people making no difference of race, gender, nationality and more. Yet, our lens has been tainted in our country to process people from our culture instead of through the love of God.

So how does Jesus see this issue of race, hope and love?

In this new life, it doesn?t matter what ethnicity we are but rather that Christ is in us. God made each culture to mirror His creative power and diversity. He makes people to display beauty in all shades and styles to worship Him. We, as Christ followers, have to understand this and begin to practice it now! We have no time to lose as the walls of division try to divide us while Jesus is the bridge bringing us together.

In this new life, there is always hope! In fact, hope propels faith into action. We must never underestimate the power this has on us as we see a better tomorrow. Jesus is the answer to this crisis, and He wants us to receive hope and give hope away no matter what we see. Nothing is impossible with God; therefore, He wants us to believe through hope that our lives and our nation can be healed of racial division.

In this new life, love is the force that cannot be stopped. His love never fails and nothing can separate us from His love! For God so loved the world that Jesus came and made a way for us all. It’s this force that breaks all chains and sets the captives free. This is the power of Jesus, and He is the same to everyone!

Will you be a part of this moment?

I encourage you to embrace hope and love regarding race, and let something happen within you. Let’s take small steps toward someone and freely give Him away. Let’s approach each other in humility, seeking to understand others so that our hearts can be connected.

I also encourage you to resist debates and arguments because these insult the veracity of the issue and become quibbling over our opinions. If Jesus died for the world, then every life counts and every life deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Let freedom ring as race, hope and love forge together so that we are shining as His church!

I love you and believe you can do something great right now!


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