God’s Playlist

Have you noticed that music is a universal language that touches all of us in unique ways? In fact, I bet you have a favorite band, a favorite song and probably a playlist that reflects your musical taste. Some of us even have an opinion on what was the greatest decade or era of music – and we’ll defend it when asked! Yes, music is a part of our lives. It moves us to tears, to joy, to motivation and so much more. Music is so intertwined with us that when we speak our unique voices tend to reflect certain pitches. So believe it or not, you are musical at some level.

If you ask me, Journey is the one of the best bands of all time – and the 80’s were a great decade. Just saying.

However, what is God’s playlist? What’s His favorite song? We know from the Bible that He loves music, and seeks to hear our worship (as mentioned in John 4:24.) Yet the question is, why would God have songs from Himself, about Himself? It almost sounds weird, but there is another layer to what His playlist is for and what it does.

You see, everything God does has you and me in mind, with His love for us and His purpose for our lives at the center. He created the heavens and earth for us to live in and have dominion over. He sent Jesus so we could be with Him forever. God made a way when there was no way. He did all this because He thinks about us so much – His thoughts of love towards us are more the sand on the seashore (Psalms 139:17-18). Our God is great in love, in mercy, in grace and in power; therefore, all of this is for Him to give away. What a Savior!

So how does God share His playlist? The Bible gives us an insight to how He does this and to what He’s doing in our lives.

“The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

Notice that God rejoices over us with singing, thus His playlist is showered on us. His intentionality is unparalleled. He sees each of us individually and has specific songs for us. I love this verse, and the promise of God sharing His playlist with me; moreover, to receive His words over me. This is for you too.

The breakdown of this truth is:

He will save us. The promise of salvation is the indescribable gift that take anyone from death to life. It’s this eternal promise that changes our lives forever and lifts us out of the ashes and into His mighty love.

He will rejoice over us with gladness. This speaks to His delight in us, and it slaps low esteem in the face. In Christ, we are good enough because of His grace and we are freed from shame, guilt and hopelessness.

He will quiet us with His love. This speaks to Jesus freeing us from fear, anxiety and worry. God’s playlist includes delivering from fear that seeks to debilitate us. He is greater and His love gives us peace and cast out all fear.

Then He will rejoice over us with singing. Notice, rejoice is mentioned twice in this verse, which again reflects the pleasure and delight God has with us. Religion says you don’t measure up, but relationship says you’re accepted.

I pray we all receive this promise daily for our lives as His Playlist becomes personal to who we are and where we are. The goodness of God leads us into His presence, and no matter what you face, what you have done, His Playlist is for you. Kick shame in the teeth and rip low esteem off your shoulder. The Lord our God is greater and mighty to save!

What playlist do you listen to? I pray you will include God’s Playlist so you will hear His heart and love for you.

Have a great week and may the Lord do great things in you,

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