Fearless (2017)

What is your greatest fear?

We all have an answer, as we deal with this emotion in a variety of ways. Fear can paralyze us, rendering us inactive in life. In fact, fear causes us to think, speak, and act wrong. It literally can turn us upside down, ruining the purpose of Christ within us. Therefore, we must understand that fear is a global tactic that is trying to impact as many as possible.

Life in the church is no different. Fear-based messages and ideology seem to wreak havoc on many. The result is to close the doors, close the heart, and close the effort to reach out to others. When this happens, churches slowly die and become irrelevant to those around them. They get stuck in a time warp thinking that the old days are the best days; thus, they miss the moment and they miss their destiny.

Fear is tricky; it twists current events along with past experiences to make the fear see like the most real thing in our lives. This takes our emotions in a thousand different directions. When this happens, we begin to believe lies and take on feelings that lead us away from our purpose.

We must remember what Jesus said in Matthew 16:18,

“Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means “rock”), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conqueror it.”

Matthew 16:18

Notice two things that empower us to be fearless:

First, He will build His church. He is the architect and organizer of His movement. He has erected an unstoppable force that contains the answer for the world. This movement uses His power to heal, preach hope and see heaven come to earth. This is His church, proclaiming His name. The higher He is lifted up, the more people can come to Him.

From this truth, we don’t have to be afraid of political issues, or certain extremists threatening freedom – because no matter what happens, His church will stand! His church will thrive! His church will be triumphant! I encourage you to be fearless for God and give Him away as an active participant of His cause!

Second, He overcomes the powers of hell. He is the champion of eternity and He will be the champion of our lives. He declared these powers would not conquer His church; therefore, these powers will not conquer you!

Be fearless today.

Let these two truths sink deep into your heart, chasing out fear and fueling your faith! This is huge because faith causes us to think right, speak right and act right as we discover our purpose.

Will you be fearful or fearless?

Our answer is determined by what we believe!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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